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Review: The Killing Joke Animated Movie

Quack, quack.

I was given the opportunity to watch DC Animation’s new movie, an adaptation of one of the most controversial comics of all time: The Killing Joke.

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Ghostbusters Review: I Ain’t Afraid of No Women Being Excellent

5/5 stars.

Ghostbusters surpassed my expectations in every way. It was funny throughout, well paced, with no huge downswing. If I have one criticism about the movie's structure, it's that the ending falls slightly flatter than the rest; but as a huge fan of the 1984 Ghostbusters (it holds special childhood movie status with me), I have to say the 2016 movie is just as good as the 1984 movie. Sony has a hit on its hands.

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Review: Finding Dory Makes a Splash, Is As Good If Not Better Than Finding Nemo

4 out of 5 stars

When approaching this review, all I needed to ask myself was--what would Dory do? She’d ignore the mediocre trailers, for a start; Finding Dory is as good as if not slightly better than Finding Nemo. It’s taken the heart of the first movie and ramped up the characters' personas, action and most importantly the emotions.

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Minifiguring All My Feelings out About LEGO: My Problematic Fave

LEGO: My Problematic Fave

I was in counseling a while back, and I mentioned that I enjoyed building LEGO. This piqued my counselor’s interest, so I explained to her why I enjoyed building LEGO as an adult: “It feels cathartic to me. I get an end result, I build something then it’s complete. Putting each piece together allows me to quieten […]

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Decoding the Transgender Matrix: The Matrix as a Transgender Coming Out Story

Neo is the One.

A couple of days ago, I saw a video claiming that The Matrix was a transgender coming out film. I hadn’t watched The Matrix in years, but this struck a chord in me. It felt right. I found my old DVD of the movie and started live-tweeting the main transgender themes from the first Matrix movie. Let's go a bit more in-depth than 140 characters.

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Emerald City Comicon Roundup 2016

So many people. OMG so many.

I’m slightly dazed. This is in part because I have early onset con-crud, the unspecified cold or virus you pick up from being around sixty thousand people in a confined space. It's also in part because this year’s Emerald City Comic Con was fantastic for me. I’ve come away in high spirits having met many of the people I’ve been dealing for a long while through just email and Twitter, and I also met many new talented people I didn’t previously know about.

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Transgender Rights Under Attack in America: Pushing Back Against the Wave of Discrimination

Individual rights are under attack, but not for everyone and not everywhere. This is aimed at transgender people in many places across the country where Republicans hold power. Kansas is trying to implement a law where cisgender citizens are awarded $2500 for catching a transgender person in what they see as the "wrong" bathroom. What could possibly go wrong if that’s enacted?

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Catching Up With I Am Cait Season Two

Here we go again.

I have a love-hate relationship with I Am Cait, yet I’m going to explain why this show really is still worth watching. However, I'll start this in a slightly unconventional way by talking about the many ways in which the show is just awful.

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Looking at Real Trans Media in Her Story Episode Six

Continuing TMS' discussion on Her Story.

The sixth and final episode (wipes away a tear) opens with Violet waking a sleeping Allie. She’d stayed at Violet’s place to reassure Violet, because Mark had hit her. Allie’s a good friend.

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Firewatch Review: A Great Game for (Emotionally) Mature Audiences

You're in the wilderness, alone, and you're being watched ...

Remember the opening sequence of Up! and how the impact of that caught you off guard in a kids' film? I just had the same experience with Firewatch. Prepare for all the emotions during the opening sequence.

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Looking at Real Trans Media in Her Story Episode Five

Continuing TMS' discussion on Her Story.

Episode five opens on Penny’s band with Violet and Allie hanging around at the back. Penny, in her ever-so-subtle and understated way, pushes Violet and Allie together. Just as they dance nose to nose, Violet’s phone vibrates, and she’s instructed to come home to Mark AT ONCE. This leads us to the most troubling scene in Her Story.

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Looking at Real Trans Media in Her Story Episode Four

Continuing the discussion on Her Story.

Her Story episode four opens on a monologue from Allie, taken from the article she’s been writing with the help of Violet. In the background is a typical date montage: running, hugging, laughing, and splashing in the surf.

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Looking at Real Trans Media in Her Story Episode Three

TMS' continuing series about Her Story.

Her Story episode three is about first dates. We’ve spent more time with Violet so far and now we concentrate on Paige. We open on Paige and James’ first date at a nice restaurant. These two people are gorgeous, and I’d happily have ten minutes of this restaurant scene listening them talk and watching them eat. During dinner, Paige is flip-flopping between coming out to James as trans versus enjoying the positive attention from someone who seems like he’s genuinely interested in her.

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Looking at Real Trans Media in Her Story Episode Two

TMS' continuing series on Her Story.

Her Story episode two opens with Paige in bed with a man who is saying he’s had an amazing time but is getting out of there faster than Sonic the Hedgehog. Sex with a trans person is one thing, but dating someone trans? Nope, that’s something else entirely. This is a trans dating dilemma that every trans person has to face at some point; for cisgender people, we’re a great time as long as we’re a secret and nothing serious.

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Looking at Real Trans Media in Her Story Episode One

Trans stars, trans co-writer & producer = trans media.

Her Story is something a little different, and it comes highly recommended. It’s a story that's not just created for cisgender people but for transgender viewers, too, and that’s not something I can say for Transparent or I Am Cait—or most media with trans people in it. Jen Richards co-wrote and co-produced Her Story and stars as one of two main protagonists. It’s great to have something where trans creators are behind the scenes and in front of the cameras.

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Review: Marvel’s A-Force #1 2016

Secret Wars is over and A-Force is back!

As Mulder would say, I want to believe.

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Golden Globes 2016 Is Not the Year of Transgender Stories

Now with 100% more Space Bees.

New York Daily News has a piece up that calls the 2016 Golden Globes “The Year of Transgender Stories.” I don’t think that these are transgender stories, though; they're not told by transgender people, and most of them don’t even feature anyone who is transgender. The Golden Globe nominations include Transparent (3 nominations), Orange is the New Black (2 nominations), and The Danish Girl (3 nominations).

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The Disappointing Reality of Getting Arrested for Being Black and Trans


21 transgender women have been murdered in the U.S. during 2015. 13 were murdered in 2014. These somber totals don’t include the deaths that went unreported by police or media, or women who were misgendered. Almost all of these murdered women were transgender WoC.

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An Open Letter to Germaine Greer, Second Wave Feminist, on Why Trans Exclusion Is Plain Misinformed

In which we talk sociology, psychology, chemistry, biology, and dragons. Maybe.

Hi Germaine, We’re going to talk about some social constructs, neuroscience, psychology, and biology. Don’t be concerned, though. I’m no expert on these, either, so we’re going to keep things light for both our sakes.

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Review: The Joy of Hellcat #1

Another addition to the new wave of comics

Hellcat is really good, for so many reasons.

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