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Things We Saw Today: Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey Represents For NoH8

Cersei does not abide hate. Unless it's against Tyrion. Then, by all means, go ahead.


lena heady merch

Want to express your support of equality and your Game of Thrones fandom at the same time? Check out this official Lena Headey NoH8 merch! T-shirt, tank, and baseball t-shirt are available. 100% of the proceeds go to the HoH8 Campaign. (via Represent)

  • You may have already checked out Nerdache Cakes on Tumblr – their geek-themed baked goods are pretty awesome! Now, they’re Kickstarting in order to open a brick-and-mortar bakery, and they need your help! You have 38 days to help them make their $90,000 goal. Do it. Make the geek cakes real. (via Kickstarter)
  • Director, Paul Feig, has a digital series coming out on Yahoo! Screen called Other Space, which debuts on Tuesday.┬áIn this Wall Street Journal interview, he talks about the show, as well as his all-female Ghostbusters, and his other Melissa McCarthy comedy, Spy.



Say hello to our little friend. It’s like the Travelocity gnome’s cousin with anger management issues. Still, it’s a pretty hilarious ode to Scarface. (via Geek Alerts)

  • The once-abandoned Emerald City at NBC has been revived in a straight-to-series 10-episode order! Let’s hope that this retelling of a children’s classic goes better than the other ones they’ve tried. (via Entertainment Weekly)
  • There’ve been a lot of stories circulating about why Christopher Eccleston left Doctor Who after only one season playing the Ninth Doctor. Now, in a recent interview with Radio Times, Eccleston talks about it being a matter of class and accent. (via Pajiba, and The Hollywood Reporter)

marvel comic figures

Marvel is wisely taking the hubbub surrounding the Age of Ultron release to move some of their other, more comics-based product. They’ve repackaged some of their older action figures of Avengers, the design of which are based on the comic book art, as a set. Just in time for Age of Ultron‘s release. (via io9)

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