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You Wanna Talk “Male Hollywood Doing the Same Old Thing” James Cameron? OK, Let’s Talk

You've already heard about Patty Jenkins' response to James Cameron's criticism of Wonder Woman, but I'd really like to delve. Because looking closely at some of the things Cameron actually said about Jenkins' film, his own films, and "strong independent women," one realizes that Cameron is looking so closely into the mirror that it's obscuring what he sees.

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Ripley Deserves Better Than What Ridley Scott Has Planned for Her Story in Aliens Prequels

Ridley Scott said that we might end up seeing Ripley again in those Alien prequels, though perhaps tangentially.

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Celebrate Alien Day With Some Alien 5 Newt Concept Art and Tons of Sweet Xenomorph Swag

And Carolyn's chest burst three sizes that day.

Today is the galaxy's inaugural Alien Day, and sure, I guess I could be cynical about that—it is just using nostalgia to get us invested in a 24-hour advertisement for Alien: Covenant, right?—but I'm excited.

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Stop EVERYTHING: Reebok to Sell Sneakers Based on Ellen Ripley’s Kicks in Aliens

You can look fashionable while saving your cat/little girl/the human race, too.

As part of "Alien Day," Reebok has announced that they'll be selling sneakers based on the "Alien Stomper" design that was custom-made for Sigourney Weaver/Ellen Ripley in Aliens.

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Why Southern Cross’s Alex Braith Is the Ellen Ripley Revival You’ve Been Waiting For

Our heroine is aboard a massive spaceship that feels more like a haunted house than a piece of sci-fi technology. She’s independent and cool-headed. Her character has an agency that shows she isn’t there in service of the male characters, if anything, they end up just being background players for her. She isn’t overtly sexualized, and she isn’t there to please others. She can take on any evil that gets thrown at her. To put it simply, she’s a total BAMF.

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Strong Female Characters are Rarely Strong and Barely Characters

No character is capable of achieving that level of complexity while written under the assumption that a female character becomes more interesting by giving them typically masculine traits.

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Things We Saw Today: Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Room, Mad Max Posters Make Us Furiousa

You might have your own Alien-themed corner in your house, but Neill Blomkamp has an entire ROOM.

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Sigourney Weaver Talks Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie, Big Changes for Ripley

It ain't easy being a space queen.

While at London Film and Comic-Con on Monday, Sigourney Weaver shared some belated thoughts on Alien vs Predator, as well as hints about what fans can expect from Neill Blomkamp's upcoming Alien movie.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: Fandango Reveals Rachel Ignotofsky’s “Women Who Kick Ass” Poster

Some of our fave BAMFers.

Rachel Ignotofsky, the awesome artist whose Women in STEM series helped honor some oft-ignored lady scientists earlier this year, was commissioned by Fandango to create this piece for their movie-centric pop-up gallery at the Santa Monica Pier.

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Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie Will Be Direct Sequel to Aliens, Sigourney Weaver Would ‘Love’ to Star

Now we're cooking with an incinerator unit.

In a video interview published by Sky Movies last night, Sigourney Weaver and Chappie's Neill Blomkamp discussed that recently confirmed Alien movie the director will be making with Fox.

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That Neill Blomkamp Alien Movie With Sigourney Weaver Might Be Closer to Reality Than You Think

Outstanding. Now all we need is a deck of cards.

Remember when District 9 director Neill Blomkamp revealed he'd been working on concepts for a continuation of the Alien franchise? Well he's talking about it again and with some degree of seriousness.

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Ripley & Her Xenomorph Space Suit Feature in Neill Blomkamp’s Drool-Worthy Alien Concept Art

I'll take ten.

Was District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp working on an Alien movie? Some new concept art reveals he just might have been. Now whether or not he was getting paid for it is another story...

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Poster Posse Celebrates Ripley & Alien‘s 35th Anniversary With Beautiful Prints

In space, no one can hear you gasp in delight.

Okay, that's great, but my own cat's presents weren't always totally dead, if you know what I mean. These posters, though, they're totally awesome.

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Sigourney Weaver on the Legacy of Ellen Ripley, Women in Games, and Her Return in Alien: Isolation

Be my mom. Please. (Sorry, mom.)

A magical thing happened a few months ago. I spoke with Sigourney Weaver on the phone. I'm not fully recovered. Find out what the actress, soon to be heard reprising her Ellen Ripley role in the video game Alien: Isolation, had to say about women in film, women in games, her sci-fi legacy, and Ripley's daughter.

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The Mary Sue’s Alien: Isolation Replica Jacket Giveaway!

Warning: does not protect against xenomorphs.

Are you as stoked as we are to be scared pantless by Alien: Isolation? A general xenomorph fan? Someone who dreams of becoming as bad-ass as Ripley? To celebrate the game's release on Tuesday, October 7th, we're hosting a giveaway where you can win a replica of the jacket worn by one of the characters in-game!

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Let’s All Cheer Ourselves Up With Some Super Pretty Fanart

Because the world has wonderful things, too.

Artist Nan Lawson makes lovely stuff. Head this way for artwork celebrating The Avengers, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and more.

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Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Creative Lead Al Hope Speaks with The Mary Sue about Alien: Isolation

When do we get to shout "GET AWAY FROM HER"?

The survival horror game Alien:Isolation and its Sigourney Weaver-starring preorder DLC are due out in October, and no one at TMS is more excited than our Editor-in-Chief Jill Pantozzi. She got the chance to hang out with the Creative Assembly team at their booth in San Diego Comic-Con the other day, and spoke to creative lead Al Hope about the development process.

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Sigourney Weaver On The Legacy of Alien And The Possibility Of A Fifth Movie


When my brother was fourteen or so, I made him watch Alien with me. "This movie's important," I said. "Sci-fi and horror movies are what they are now because of this." He didn't dig it at first. The expository pacing did not pair well with the restlessness of puberty. The comment "this is boring" was muttered more than once -- right up until something horrible burst out of Kane's chest. He was rapt after that. The Alien franchise is something special, and it's impossible to imagine it without its leading lady, Sigourney Weaver. Recently, Weaver took part in a Q&A hosted by the Hero Complex Film Festival, in which she discussed the legacy of the series, the experience of playing Ellen Ripley, and her thoughts on a fifth Alien film. We've got the highlights below.

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New Alien: Isolation Video Evokes An Old School, Low Tech Future

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

I am excited for this game. I am very excited for this game. Set fifteen years after the final voyage of the Nostromo, Alien: Isolation will cast the player as Weyland-Yutani employee Amanda, who is investigating the disappearance of her mother. Her mother, Ellen Ripley. This should end well! The video above highlights the developers' efforts to create an environment that looks and feels like the "chunky, analog, push-button" world of the original film. From this and other preview material I've seen, it seems like a lot of effort is being put into summoning that quiet, slow-burn tension Alien is so famous for. Bring it on.

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Ripley’s Daughter Takes Over Xenomorph-Killing Mantle From Mom In Alien: Isolation Video Game


Can you hear me screaming? Well, we're not in outer-space so you must be able to. But am I screaming in fear or excitement?

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