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Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie Will Be Direct Sequel to Aliens, Sigourney Weaver Would ‘Love’ to Star

Now we're cooking with an incinerator unit.

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In a video interview published by Sky Movies last night (and since taken down; the Internet is a fickle mistress), Sigourney Weaver and Chappie‘s Neill Blomkamp discussed that recently confirmed Alien movie the director will be making with Fox.

Although Weaver’s involvement in any upcoming Alien project has seemed increasingly probable since Blomkamp published some Ripley-centric concept art online in January, during the Sky Movies interview she confirmed her interest in starring, saying

I would love to take Ripley from orbiting around in space and give a proper finish to what was such an excellent story. So when someone like Neill Blomkamp said, ‘Well, I’m interested in finishing the story,’ my little ears perked up… I think it’s a great series. It deserves a proper ending—I know the fans would love that.

Blomkamp also hinted that his addition to the franchise may skip over Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection entirely, saying “I want this film to feel like it is literally the genetic sibling of Aliens. So it’s, Alien, Aliens, this movie.” The director added that he’s intent on preserving the franchise’s nightmarish qualities:

It’s a Freudian nightmare. That element to me is what is so appealing; to put the audience on the edge of their seat the whole time in a traditional, monster-stalking-you, dark-corridor-way. I love that. And then when you mix in all of the deign elements and the life cycle of the alien, it’s a powder keg of creativity for me.

Personally, I’d gladly accept Blomkamp’s new canon. What about you, gang? Would you be down for a direct sequel to Aliens (and, judging from that concept art, do you think Blomkamp’s film will bring us more Newt or Hicks)?

(via Uproxx and Collider)

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