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Comic Artists Band Together To Help Wilfredo Torres After His Wife Passes

Artists, assemble!

Sometimes, the comics community comes together to do something incredibly special for one of its own. Artist Wilfredo Torres, whose worked is featured in titles like Jupiter's Circle, Batman '66, and The Shadow, recently lost his wife to cancer. In response, comic artists mobilized to set up an art auction, selling some of their own original work to help support Torres and his family.

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eBay Listing For “VERY HAUNTED” 2007 Apple Macbook Is Stupidly, Beautifully Spoopy

Our source for this is Business Insider. Business. Insider.

There are few members of the Internet I'm more partial to than the weirdos who post allegedly possessed items for sale on Craigslist or eBay, and in the case of the "computer that works great and may also be haunted by a ghost or specter," I kind of don't care if the seller is sincere or not. I just want to believe.

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Facepalm: People Are Selling “Invisible” Nintendo Amiibo on eBay

Well played, trolls.

It started with two-cannon Samus selling for an absurdly high price and legless horror Peach—not to be confused with other horrific forms of Peach—but eBay's defective amiibo collector's item game has gone next-level. Now people are literally putting absolutely nothing up for sale and making an art form out of trolling collectors for their absurd overpayment.

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One Of The World’s Spookiest Abandoned Places Burned To The Ground This Weekend

All those poor, displaced nightmares.

Someday this will be you, Legoland.

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Yes, Apple Had an Employee Named Sam Sung, Of Course He’s Auctioning His Uniform for Charity

Samsung's double-agent codename game needs work.

How was this guy not the first person Apple questioned when they started their patent war with Samsung? Maybe he's the reason they're calling it off, because he forged a unity between the two sides as he worked together with Apple in harmony at the Apple store. Sam Sung has moved on to bigger and better screens things, so he's auctioning off his Apple business card and uniform for charity.

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46 oz. Can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler Shows Up on eBay, Sadly Cost Prohibitive

Can you really put a price on nostalgia? This guy sure thinks so.

Oh, eBay, what treasures you have. First, a $1,000 Crumbs cupcake, and now an ridiculously priced, decades-old can of Ecto Cooler. Truly you are one of the Internet's greatest wonders.

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The Last Crumbs Bake Shop Cupcake Is on eBay

Ayn Rand would be so proud.

Sad news, friends: Crumbs Bake Shop has gone bankrupt and officially closed the doors on all their chain locations yesterday, leaving all of us cupcakeless and thousands of workers jobless. But at least somebody's looking to cash in on our collective misery. After all, if people were willing to pay $4 for a cupcake on the regular, they'll totally start the bidding at $250 eBay, right?

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eBay was Hacked, Change Your Password and Blame Embarrassing Late Night Bids on Criminals

Weird this Jar Jar mask has zero bids.

Good Bad news, everyone! eBay was hacked, and they're saying passwords have been compromised. According to the company there's nothing that indicates any financial information has been compromised, but it's best to be safe and update your account before you end up paying for someone's limited edition Jem and the Holograms figurines.

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eBay Won’t Let Desperate Canadian Town Auction off Whale Carcass for 99 Cents

Sold to the man with the stump on his leg and maniacal glint in his eye!

You can make a lot of dubious purchases online, but eBay has yet to jump the shark--er, whale. The town of Cape St.George, Newfoundland, tried an unorthodox way to dispose of a 40-foot rotting whale carcass decaying on their shores, but in spite of interest from bidders the online auction site has shut the whale sale down.

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Sriracha Shortage Looms Again as Town Council Gives Factory an Ultimatum

No, I'm not crying! These are just spice tears!

Devotees of Sriracha are once again feeling the burn as the dispute between the city of Irwindale and hot-sauce maker Huy Fong Foods continues to heat up. The company received a "chili" ultimatum from the California town last night: stop stinking up our city, or we'll stop you ourselves.

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Berlin’s Abandoned Amusement Park Now Available On E-Bay

Wilkhommen to your nightmares.

If you and your family of ghosts are looking for some new real estate to haunt, Spreepark--an abandoned amusement park in Berlin-- is now available on EBay for a mere 1.62 million Euros. That's over 223 million US dollars, and like, a billion boos in Ghost currency.

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You Can Now Buy “The Force” on Ebay

Come on, like the Force isn't a more integral character than "Hammerhead."

From the people who brought you figures of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen's charred remains comes a brand new custom action figure done up in the style of the old Kenner Star Wars toys — "the Force!" No collection in the universe is complete without it!

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Batman, This Is The Tumbler Golf Cart You Deserve

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

If that S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV wasn't quite up your alley, perhaps we can interest you in this one-of-a-kind Batman tumbler golf cart? RaysHollywood is currently selling this item on ebay for a "buy it now" price of $17,500 but you can make an offer if you're feeling bold. The tumbler golf cart once drove on the Warner Bros. set and parked next to the real tumbler, if that makes it more appealing. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Dream Come True: Own Your Own AT-ST (For Only 16k!)

Just maybe don't take it to a forest planet, or anywhere with tiny angry bears.

Admit it: your life is lacking something. Your backyard is just a little too empty. The lobby of your office building is just so bare. We both know what you need in your life: an almost-scale replica of an AT-ST that you can stand behind and yell "pew! pew!" at unsuspecting passers-by. Well if you've got £9,800 sitting around, today is your lucky day.

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Robert Heinlein’s Bed Is Being Auctioned Off, Not Sure Why You’d Want That

The man's a legend and all but... gaah.

The Heinlein Society doesn't know what to do with celebrated sci-fi novelist Robert A. Heinlein's old bed -- every museum they've offered it to has refused to take it. So they've decided instead to auction the thing, which was designed by Heinlein himself for he and his wife Ginny, off on eBay. I mean, hey: do what you gotta, right?

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Rare Pikachu Illustrator Card Up For Auction on Ebay, Bidding Starts at $100,000

It's basically like owning a Master PokéBall.

I think every nerd my age had that sad day in their childhood when they realized the Pokémon cards they'd been collecting weren't really going to be worth anything in the future. Scott Pratte presumably does not have this same problem, because he's got an unbelievably rare illustrator card from Japan -- and now he's asking for $100 grand on eBay.

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PayPal Computer Error Briefly Credits Man With $92 Quadrillion Fortune

We get that money is a social construct, but is there even that much of it in the world?

Chris Reynolds is your average small-town Pennsylvania resident who uses PayPal to buy and sell vintage car parts on eBay. While a fun hobby, he never expected it to make him successful beyond his wildest dreams or anything -- so you can imagine his surprise when he received his monthly statement in the mail and found that PayPal had mistakenly credited him with approximately $92 quadrillion. Geez oh man, think all of the overpriced hair twigs you could buy on Etsy with that kind of money! Like, at least eight or nine very fancy, very overpriced twigs.

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Guess How Much That Guinea Pig Armor’s Going for Now

Littlest jet ski not included.

There's six hours left to place your bid on this astounding guinea pig armor -- guess how much you'd have to spend to make your pig's dream of chivalrous destiny a reality? Hint: You could probably also buy a person-sized jet ski with the same amount of money.

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Protect Your Guinea Pig With This Set of Scale Armor

Does your guinea pig fight dragons? Would you like it to be equipped to do so? If yes, then have we got the armor for you.

Crime. Terrorism. Nuclear war. Cats. There are a lot of things to be scared of in today's world, especially if you're a guinea pig. If you're a pet owner who wants to keep their guinea pig about as safe as any guinea pig has ever been, you might want to consider a set of guinea pig scale mail armor, available right now for purchase on eBay. Redwall historical recreationists may want to take note and start polishing their tiny halberds.

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New York City Puts Morgue Refrigerator Up For Sale On eBay

If you need to keep as many as four cadavers on ice at a time, this could be your lucky day. Just don't tell us why you need to keep four cadavers on ice.

Looking for a way to keep things nice and frosty this summer? Whether it's beer or bodies you're trying to keep cool, the city of New York may be able to help you out. Just visit eBay to place your bid on a morgue refrigerator put up for sale by the city's Office of General Services. According to the listing, this steel refrigerator, hailing from the Manhattan Psychiatric Center, is used, but in good condition (which we assume means no longer full of dead bodies) and has space to hold up to four cadavers or an as yet determined quantity of cold cuts and six packs.

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