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46 oz. Can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler Shows Up on eBay, Sadly Cost Prohibitive

Can you really put a price on nostalgia? This guy sure thinks so.

Ecto Cooler

Oh, eBay, what treasures you have. First, a $1,000 Crumbs cupcake, and now a ridiculously priced, decades-old can of Ecto Cooler. Truly you are one of the Internet’s greatest wonders.

User petergriffen404 is selling this… classic I guess?… can of the famous beverage tie-in to the Ghostbusters franchise for a meer $2,433. Ecto Cooler is essentially liquid nostalgia that we all remember fondly. Some of us have even gone down weird Internet rabbitholes trying to find it, or attempted to recreate it with dubious recipes found online.

The seller claims it’s authentic, but even so, I doubt it’s actually something you’d want to drink after 20+ years. Here’s the description from the listing:

One of the greatest treasures you may possibly ever find on ebay!
An unopened can of the beloved Ecto Cooler 46 FL OZ.

For the Ultimate fan or maybe just someone who really wants to have a 20+ year flashback.

I am not quite sure of the date it was produced but the copyright on the label is 1986 . Top of can reads K3160 CT293 5c DEPOSIT ME

There are a few light tears on label and some light staining as seen. Also the can is slightly bent as seen.

Feel free to ask any questions and make any offer.

The auction ends Jul 19, 2014 18:00:31 PD if you’re interested in dropping a lot of cash on a childhood memory.

With the 30th Anniversary re-release of Ghostbusters in theaters this summer, maybe now’s a good time for Hi-C to bring back the nectar of the 80’s.

(eBay via The Games Gallery)

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