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Berlin’s Abandoned Amusement Park Now Available On E-Bay

Wilkhommen to your nightmares.


If you and your family of ghosts are looking for some new real estate to haunt, Spreepark–an abandoned amusement park in Berlin– is now available on eBay for a mere 1.62 million Euros. That’s over 223 million US dollars, and like, a billion boos in Ghost currency.


Built by the Communist East German Government in 1969, Spreepark was originally called Kulturpark Plänterwald.


After reunification, Norbert Witte bought and renamed the park then used it to engage in some totally legal, above-board activities. Describes Atlas Obscura:

Unbeknownst to police and Berliners, Witte had also become involved in cocaine smuggling in pieces of ride equipment between Peru and Germany during his time as park administrator.

Witte was eventually caught white-handed and the park closed down in 2012, but don’t worry: your new purchase will include the criminal mastermind himself, who reportedly still lives in a trailer on the property. How reassuring!


This isn’t the first time Spreepark has been on the market: it was almost purchased by a concert promoter last year, but the sales terms state it must remain an amusement park until 2061.


Yes, it’s a fixer-upper, but if you don’t mind disembodied laughter and phantom children disappearing around corners, go ahead and make a bid. If nothing else Witte likely has a lot of cocaine stowed on the dilapidated rides, so your investment won’t be a total loss, financially speaking.


(via Gizmodo, images via Chris Grabert)


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