The Last Crumbs Bake Shop Cupcake Is on eBay

Ayn Rand would be so proud.

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Sad news, friends: Crumbs Bake Shop has gone bankrupt and officially closed the doors on all their chain locations yesterday, leaving all of us cupcakeless and thousands of workers jobless. But at least somebody‘s looking to cash in on our collective misery. After all, if people were willing to pay $4 for a cupcake on the regular, they’ll totally bid like animals on eBay, right?


The bidding starts at $250, but you can “Buy It Now” for the ludicrous price of $1,000.

The description on the eBay listing reads:

This cupcake was purchased at the Crumbs Bake Shop on 42nd Street. Little did we know it would be the last “Birthday Cupcake” we ever purchased. Now we’d like to pass on the joy to you! We are going to freeze it to make sure it doesn’t go stale. But best bet is to use the BUY IT NOW option.

Oh yeah, of course! I definitely should not think about how ridiculous it would be to spend A THOUSAND DOLLARS on a frozen cupcake that isn’t even the best Crumbs had to offer in the first place (obviously that honor goes to the Oreo cupcake), because what if it goes stale? That totally is my best bet.

While we suspect that this is probably some kind of viral marketing project gone awry, it still makes our heads hurt. But hey, at least no one’s bid on it yet. Of course, the type of person who’s willing to shell out that kind of dough for moderate-quality food is probably too busy with the Potato Salad Kickstarter to notice Crumbs right now. Which is… good?

(via Michele Wesiman on Twitter, image via Jim Larrison)

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