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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Takes on Three New Crew Members and a Really Big Ego

There's more and more information coming out about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, including the announcement of some new crew-mates for Peter Quill, as well as a huge possible adversary. **If you want to go into this film completely untouched by spoilers, this is not the post you're looking for.**

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This Dino Poop Scene Was Cut from Jurassic World Because It Was Utter Shit

God bless Editors, really.

In what I guess was an "homage" to Jurassic Park, Jurassic World's script apparently featured a scene in which Bryce Dallas Howard's character Claire is forced to smear herself with dino poop in order to cover up the scent of her vanilla lotion.

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Honest Trailer For Jurassic World Stars ZooLord, Bryce Dallas Texas, And Shamu

"They literally break out a pair of nostalgia goggles."

"Dude...this isn't Pinkberry. You don't have to use every topping just cause they're there."

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Things We Saw Today: A Geek Guide to New York City

New York has lots of hidden geeky gems, and now ReedPOP and Foursquare have joined forced to help you explore them all!

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Things We Saw Today: First Person Smash Bros. Kinda Cool, Kinda Dizzying

This first video might not be for those who easily get motion sick. But it's a pretty sweet look into what a virtual reality/first person game of Super Smash Bros. would be like.

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James Gunn Thanks Fans in Reflection One Year After Guardians of the Galaxy

"We really are, truly, honestly Groot."

On August 1st, James Gunn reflected on the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, exactly a year after its US release. He talks about reactions to the film exceeded all expectations and thanked all the movie fans for loving the film as a much as he does.

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Chris Pratt Asks Fans to Design His Cover Photo in Exchange for Dinner at Applebee’s, the Internet Does Not Disappoint

In a post on his Facebook page earlier today, sixteen-puppies-in-a-Seahawks jersey Chris Pratt asked for help in designing his cover image, and offered to buy dinner at Applebee's for the winning designer.

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Things We Saw Today: A Xena: Warrior Princess Mini Reunion

[longing intensifies]

All together now: d'aaaawwwwnowbringbackXenapleasethankyou.

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Dudebusters Confirmed, Writer Drew Pearce Hopes to Cast Chris Pratt, Channing Tatum

Welcome to the new weird world where all of us will have to start referring to the upcoming Ghostbusters films with gendered specificity. As rumored, writer Drew Pearce hopes that Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum will sign on for his project, which is probably not called Dudebusters, but it should be, because how else are we supposed to tell it apart from the new Ghostbusters?

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Raptors (and Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard) Will Ride Again in 2018 Jurassic World Sequel!

There will be no sequel-taming. It's impossible. It's a relationship based on $$$$$$$.

The third highest grossing movie of all time is getting a sequel! I'll give you all time to get over your shock.

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Jurassic Avengers: Robert Downey Jr. May Be Taking This Jurassic World Meme Too Far

But not-so-secretly and not-so-deep-down, we love it!

Robert Downey Jr. just had to get in on the fun!

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Things We Saw Today: Chris Pratt Adores Jurassic Baby

The “Jurassic Zoo” meme totally has a winner! Chris Pratt singled out this adorable photo and commended this baby’s parents on his Facebook page. We agree! Geek Parent Achievement unlocked! (via Uproxx) Comic-Con International is staying in San Diego through 2018! As if San Diego were ever gonna let it go. (via The Hollywood Reporter) There’s […]

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Cut SNL 40 Sketch Features Chris Pratt Doing Jason Statham…Selling Steakums

Made from 100% cow face!

Everyone and their mom was watching the SNL 40 special in September of last year. Well, not all of the material they shot ended up being used. One of the gems they cut for time featured Chris Pratt doing an impression of Jason Statham selling "Jason Statham's Jason Steakums."

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Things We Saw Today: James Gunn Reads Chris Pratt’s Speech at the Saturn Awards, Hilarity Ensues

That cat sweater, though.

Of course, this being Chris Pratt, he couldn't help but have fun with it, so he wrote James Gunn a speech to read verbatim. It's fantastic.

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Not to Be Outdone by Zookeepers, Chris Pratt Recreates Raptor Training With Kids in a Hospital

Shh, I know Sam posted this already, shhh!

Who does this guy think he is, huh? Some nice, charitable guy or something???

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Things We Saw Today: Miles Morales Is the New Official Marvel Comics Universe Spider-Man

We don't know much about what's happening after Marvel's Secret Wars, but we do know that their main Spider-Man will no longer be Peter Parker - it's going to be Miles Morales. The comic will be drawn by Sara Pichelli, and written by Brian Michael Bendis, who told The New York Daily News, "Our message has to be it’s not Spider-Man with an asterisk, it’s the real Spider-Man for kids of color, for adults of color and everybody else." Now, if only the Cinematic Universe could keep up.

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Chris Pratt Explains the Science of Jurassic World and Dino Dung


Chris Pratt joins the host of VSauce to get real about the science of Jurassic World, along with palaeontologist Jack Horner. I mean, did you know dino poop still smells even after all this time? I didn't, but now I don't know how I ever lived without that information.

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Things We Saw Today: Cat Socks For Table Legs Protect Your Floor

Unlike actual cat feet

These "Nekoashi," or "cat feet," will cover your chair legs and make them adorable! They also come in various designs so you can match them with your cat. High-five!

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The Best of Channing Tatum’s AMA: His Buddy Chris Pratt, Frozen Poop, & His Favorite Care Bear

"I love Pinterest."

Channing Tatum, lover of Pinterest, awesome dancer, national treasure.

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Zookeepers Are Recreating Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World Raptor Training With Non-Extinct Animals

I don't think it's presumptuous of me to say Chris Pratt and his Raptor Gang (as one entity) are the real stars of Jurassic World. But some fun-loving zookeepers may just be stealing their thunder.

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