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James Gunn and Chris Pratt Changed Star-Lord’s Decision in That Other Big Scene in Infinity War



[Spoilers for Infinity War]

I’ve already made my point about feeling bad for enteral 80s summer child, Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (btw that’s a pretty bad name, but so classic Peter) and his troubling decision to punch the crap out of Thanos while he was incapacitated due to hearing about Gamora’s fate.

However, according to Buzzfeed, James Gunn and Chris Pratt had some input into a lot of the Guardians of the Galaxy moments within Infinity War. Including the scene where Peter decided to pull the trigger on Gamora when she is being kidnapped by Thanos.

In the original draft of the script, “when the time comes for him to pull the trigger, he can’t do it. That doesn’t sound like Star-Lord, or at least, it didn’t to Gunn and Pratt.” So they changed it so that Thanos uses the reality warping abilities of the stone in order to have Peter’s gun shoot out bubbles. For Gunn and Pratt, this scene showed that Quill was able to make the tough calls even when no-one else would.

When I think about Peter not taking the shot, I can agree that would have been the weaker solution to the problem. Mainly because not only did it show that Peter was able to make the tough call, it also showed that he respected Gamora and the right to die the way she wanted.

In Lindsay Ellis’ video about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, she mentions that Gamora and Peter have a slow burn relationship because neither of them is emotionally secure enough to be in a committed relationship. I agree with that and that was why their “I love you” confessions didn’t really land for me. They clearly deeply care about each other, but I didn’t quite see them at the “I love you more than anything” stage. (I still think it would have been better to have Nebula in that scene, cause sisters over misters).

That being said, love isn’t just about saying the words, it’s about your actions. In Peter deciding to pull the trigger, he chooses his love and respect for Gamora and her autonomy, over the pain of losing her. That the decision you make when you really love someone, in my opinion.

It’ll also be important in how the future films will address this loss since her death took place before “The Snapture” and therefore could stick.

What do you guys think? Did you buy Peter pulling the trigger?

(via SyfyWire, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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