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Blake Shelton: Sexiest Man Alive 2017—That’s Gonna Be a No For Me, Y’all

Black Shelton Cover

People Magazine has crowned their choice for “Sexiest Man of the Year,” and it is … Blake Shelton.

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At first, when I heard the rumors that Shelton was going to be picked, I assumed it was a joke. I mean, he is certainly a man, and a type of man who is seen as sexy, but THE sexiest man in Hollywood? Out of all the possible men? Naw.

The internet has made its displeasure quite clear.

Never mind that Shelton has also tweeted vile homophobic and racist comments, and, as The Daily Beast reminded us, is a Trump supporter to boot. He told Billboard: “A lot of people are pulling for [Trump], no matter how much Hollywood fights it. I see people who don’t like him go and beat up people that do like him. You tell me, who’s crazy here? … I probably wish there was another option, but there’s not.” Yeah …

Plus, gotta love a man who can make such profoundly homophobic statements like the ones gathered below:

Someone please grab the …

Who could have been chosen instead? So many. Even among the problematic hotties, there would have been better choices. Here are just a few.

joe manganiello gif


michael b jordan gif



I mean, how many cousins, uncles, brothers, and family friends do you have that are objectively better looking than Blake Shelton? And less homophobic and racist, too?

(image: People Magazine)

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