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Twitter Has Decided. In The Battle of the Chrises, Chris Pratt Needs to Go.

Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer

You probably were wondering why Chris Pratt was trending on Twitter over the weekend. If not, congrats, you probably have healthy boundaries with your doomscrolling, unlike the rest of us. But, for the last two days, Chris Pratt was trending because TV writer/producer Amy Berg posed a simple question: Which Chris had to go?

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This is a common debate, but what’s hilarious about this round is the seemingly unanimous decision by the entire internet. Has the Chris debate finally been settled?

So why is it instantly Chris Pratt? Well, while he hasn’t made his support of a particular political party or candidate public, he did wear a “Don’t Tread On Me” shirt, which got people talking, and he hasn’t been involved in any of the political stuff with his fellow Parks and Recreation cast members trying to get out and vote Dem. Many have gotten the impression, through the views he has expressed, that he’s politically conservative, and that’s a knock against him for a lot of fans. (He also belongs to a church that is famously anti-LGBTQ+, even though Pratt has insisted they’re not.)

As a number one Chris Pine girl (with Chris Evans close at number two), it’s never really been a debate for me. I enjoy Chris Pratt in certain roles and at certain moments, and if he had stayed Andy Dwyer, this list might look different. But he didn’t, and my views on Pratt slowly changed into putting him (or basically my love of Andy Dwyer) in fifth place because my list DOES include Chris Messina.

It’s also an arbitrary war that we keep waging online for no reason. I don’t understand limiting yourself to your “favorite” version of a name (the Tom battle is also going around, and I refuse to choose), but also we just like to talk about things … like our favorite actor named Chris.

So, sorry to Chris Pratt that you are everyone’s choice. My best friend Brittany loves you best out of all the Chrises, though, so at least you have her love and affection, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s number on speed dial. (See? Chris Pratt is doing fine. No need to bemoan “cancel culture” just because he’s lost fans.)

Anyway, never forget.

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