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Stephanie Beatriz on That Time She Unleashed Her Inner Rosa on Some On-Set Sexism

"But that was our show. It’s our house, and I wasn’t going to let him come into our house and disrespect the crew, the other actors, myself."

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Things We Saw Today: Starz Is Making a Mini-Series About Catherine of Aragon

Starz is adapting another Tudor era show, Lando Calrissian will not be the focus of the next Star Wars Anthology movie, Gina Rodriguez finally comes to the 99, and A.I. are gonna teach you to see Asian actors in leading roles, damn it!

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Terry Crews Talks Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Toxic Masculinity, & Deadpool 2 on The Daily Show

The actor is a powerfull ally in the #MeToo Movement

Terry Crews is many things: a former NFL star, a visual artist, a gifted comic actor, and now an increasingly important male voice in the #MeToo Movement. For me, he will always be Julius Rock on Everybody Hates Chris, one of the all-time great television dads. Crews appeared on The Daily Show to promote his role as Bedlam in Deadpool 2, and discussed other topics like the Brooklyn Nine-Nine pick-up and toxic masculinity.

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Monday Cute: Let’s Remember All the Times Jake x Amy Have Been Adorable

Not since Shawn and Angela (sorry Cory and Topanga) have a straight live action couple filled me with so much squee. Now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved by NBC, we can enjoy the upcoming Jake and Amy wedding knowing that we will get one more season filled with one of tv's best couples.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Rescued by NBC with a Season Six Pick-Up Order


Brooklyn Nine-Nine rides again with NBC swooping in to pick up the series for a 13-episode sixth season. The decision comes after the fan favorite series was canceled at Fox after five seasons on Thursday. Since then, Brooklyn's producing company Universal Television has tried to find a new home for the series, with Hulu, Netflix and TBS in contention.

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While We Mourn the Loss of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Let’s Also Pour One Out for The Mick

So while we're all hoping someone *coughHulucough* will save Fox's cut comedies, don't sleep on The Mick. It deserved better than we gave it.

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Streaming Services Already Offering to Save the Currently Canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Yesterday, we heard the sad news that the hit Fox show Brooklyn Nine-Nine had been canceled, with Season Five being its final season. Fans immediately jumped on the hope that a streaming service would step in to save the show and give it new life. Well, it seems that this isn't just a fan pipe dream. Several companies have already made their desire to pick up the show known.

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Things We Saw Today: Well They Did It—Fox Finally Canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine

After five-season the Emmy award-winning Fox television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been canceled by Fox.

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Dreams Do Come True: Gina Rodriguez May Be Playing Stephanie Beatriz’s Girlfriend on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez is set to guest-star in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine when the Fox comedy resumes its season later this spring and she may be hooking up with Stephanie Beatriz's Rosa.

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Things We Saw Today: Dear Hollywood, Please Give Tiffany Haddish All the Awards and Also Let Her Host Every Ceremony. Thank You.

Tiffany Haddish won Best Supporting Actress at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and her acceptance speech is one of the greatest speeches–one of the greatest awards show moments, really–of recent history, if not ever.

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Rosa Diaz: The Bisexual Avenger

Somedays I'm really jealous of the youth for getting to have the representation that I did not get to have as a child.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Just Had a Major Revelation for a Core Character


If you clicked on the title then I'm guessing that you either don't care about spoilers or are all caught up on the amazing show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." 

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“I Will Not Be Shamed”: Terry Crews Describes Assault By Agent Adam Venit

"This guy, again, he's one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, and he looked at me in the end as if, 'Who's going to believe you?'"

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In Celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, Here Are Some of TMS’ Favorite TV Latinas

We are currently in the midst of Latinx Heritage Month, and there is a lot of greatness to be celebrated. As we are a site that trades in pop culture and feminism, we started thinking about all of the awesome Latina characters we love in some of our favorite media. Now, without further ado, I present to you TMS' favorite TV Latinas (in no particular order, because they're all badass).

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Happy Friendsgiving: 5 Lessons From Pop Culture About Spending Holidays Away From Home

These days, more and more of us are moving farther and farther away from our families for various reasons and can't always "get home" for holidays. The family of the 21st century is made up of friends, so when you celebrate Friendsgiving, you are celebrating with family.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Allows Us to Find Humor in the Police Post-Ferguson

"This one says DIE PIG, and they didn't even put a comma between Die and Pig."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best comedies on television right now. Not only because it's hilarious, or because of its cast's diversity and the show's constant challenging of gender roles, but because it allows us to spend time with good police officers and laugh, even as it examines the public's complicated relationship with the police in a post-Ferguson United States.

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Things We Saw Today: Hogwarts Nine-Nine Gives You the Potter/Cop Comedy Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Needed

You love Harry Potter. You love FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Now, you can love them both at the same time on this awesome Tumblr, Hogwarts Nine-Nine.

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The Quiet, Progressive Nature of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Why aren't you watching yet?

Even if I didn’t love the show and all it’s characters, if I wasn’t invested in their relationships, I’d still be pleased with how inclusive the show is.

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Bill Freakin’ Hader Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Brand New Captain

Continuing the storied tradition of SNL members working together on everything, Bill Hader was just announced as a new captain on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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The Strength of Arrow‘s Laurel Lance and Other Women of Television

Heck yeah, female characters!

It has been a wonderful season for women in television despite how lackluster it’s been for them in film, and for evidence you need to look no further than Laurel Lance on the CW’s Arrow. (But of course, we'll look further anyway!)

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