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Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Taking Over Brooklyn Nine-Nine Tonight and FINALLY!

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When it seemed as if Brooklyn Nine-Nine wasn’t coming back to our screens, Lin-Manuel Miranda stepped up with the help of Mark Hamill, Seth Meyers, Sean Astin, and Guillermo Del Toro to make sure that the Nine-Nine wasn’t going to leave us. Luckily, NBC came in and saved the day, finally giving us the Thursday comedy lineup that we’ve missed for the last few years.

To make things even better, NBC announced that we’re getting season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well, and that’s all thanks to everyone on Twitter who took the time to tweet about the show to try to get it picked up by someone—and, you know, the celebrities who used their platform to save it.

We don’t know if the rest of the big celebrities will make appearances on the show, but tonight, we get to see Lin-Manuel Miranda take on the role of Amy’s big brother! The Santiago family hasn’t really made an appearance yet, so to know that Miranda is playing one of Amy’s brothers is great! Amy Santiago grew up in a house with seven brothers, and we have only met her father and mother.

To help celebrate Lin-Manuel Miranda’s appearance on the show, Melissa Fumero (who plays Amy Santiago on the show) shared a picture of her and Miranda!

Miranda quoted the picture with a cute little caption about Melissa Fumero.

It’s nice to see how excited the cast is to have Miranda on the show, and fans are equally excited, ready to embrace David Santiago.

And, now that we have the beautiful marriage between Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago to see week after week, that means that we get to watch as Jake has to meet all seven of Amy’s brothers…

Can I contain my excitement about Lin-Manual Miranda on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? No, not really. It’s like all my interests being thrown at each other, and I’m super excited to meet Amy’s brother!

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