14 Robot Valentine’s Day Cards To Warm Your Cold Mechanical Heart

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Just because robots are incapable of emotion doesn’t mean they can’t get into the action on Valentine’s Day! We’ve rounded up 14 of the most interesting bots we’ve covered in the past few years and turned them into Valentine cards that you can share with your loved ones next week. (Just don’t be surprised if you get some restraining order back.)

robosnake final

Carnegie Mellon’s robotic snake may come with an autostrangle feature, but if Twilight taught us anything, it’s that chicks are kind of into almost getting killed at any moment.

kirobo final

This Talking Japanese robot astronaut was modeled after Astro Boy, and he’s the cutest ‘lil peanut to ever get launched into space.

roboape final

Better known as the Robo Ape, the iStruct was built for… um… very important science reasons. At least, that’s what the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence would have us believe.

icub final

iCub’s favorite past times include long walks on the beach, putting a bucket on his head, and judging humans with his eyebrow-less face.

wildcat final

You best believe that DARPA’s faster-than-Usain-Bolt robot will end you if you cross it.

asimo final

ASIMO does some very dumb stuff sometimes, like mistaking journalists’ phones for hands and asking them if they have questions for him. But bless his little robot heart for trying.

jade rabbit final

Poor Chinese lunar rover. We miss you too, little buddy.

bigdog final

Okay, we get it, Boston Dynamics. You want to take over the world with your scary robots. Well, it’s working.

robot gymnast final

It’s really a crime that this robot gymnast hasn’t yet been invited to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

robonaut final

Nope, you’re not fooling us, Robonaut! We see those foot pincers and we do not like them.

curiosity final

Sarcastic Rover would be so proud.

robocarp final

Apologies to the National University of Singapore, but we had to. We just… had to.

petman final

More like Getman, as in “Get the heck away from me.” Am I right, guys?

robutt final

If you didn’t think the robot butt was going to show up in this gallery, then you don’t know us very well.

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