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Now The Robots Are Skiing and Opening Doors

The robots have added two more skills to their repertoire: skiing and opening doors.

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New Seasons of BattleBots Are Coming to the Discovery and Science Channels

BattleBots, the show that puts robots in a cage match to the death, is coming back to life on Discovery and Science Channel.

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The Robots Are Even Beating Us at Scrabble Now

The robots can beat us at Jeopardy, chess, Go, and now ... Scrabble?

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Oh Great, Now They’ve Made a Robot Who’s a Gym Bro

Our robot overlords are coming for us all. Even the iron-pumping gym rats.

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Things We Saw Today: Google Sure Is Excited About the Hole Puncher

Happy birthday to a seriously undervalued device with roots in Rennaisance engineering!

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The Internet Has a Lot to Say About Sophia, The “Hot” Robot Who Was Given Saudi Citizenship

When it was announced on October 25th that Sophia, a lifelike robot, was granted citizenship as a way to put Saudi Arabia on the A.I. map, many hot takes appeared and Twitter was abuzz. There were the considerations of what citizenship meant in terms of Sophia: should she now granted certain "human" rights previously held from her as a robot? But more pressingly, many pundits pointed out that Sophia, as a "female" robot, was enjoying considerably more freedom than the women of her new country.

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The International Giant Mech Duel Is Finally Here in All Its Goofy Glory

Many, many things about living in the future have actually turned out to be pretty terrible, but at least we get to live in a world where giant robots are punching each other for our entertainment. We've gotta take our wins where we can get them, I guess.

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Maybe We Should Be Afraid of Murderous Sex Robots, But I Am Instead Intrigued

The next frontier in internet-of-things hacking is apparently sex robots.

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Things We Saw Today: These Dancing Robots Just Set a World Record

1,069 robots all danced together in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China to break the Guinness World Record for "most robots dancing simultaneously."

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Security Robot, Surely Tired of Its Routine Existence, Drowns Itself in Office Fountain

In Washington D.C. yesterday, a security robot took a tumble into an office fountain as it went about its security patrol.

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Things We Saw Today: Hogwarts Castle Looks Gorgeous in New Universal Studios Nighttime Show

For the entirety of this five-minute-or-so video of this new projection mapped show in the Hogsmeade section of Universal Studios Hollywood, I was a bit of a teary-eyed mess.

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Doctor Who Takes On Emoji-Robots in Glorious New Photos

New wallpaper alert.

So here's a thing that is actually happening:  Doctor Who is set to tackle "Emoji-Robots" this week in the episode "Smile" and I don't  know what to make of it. On one hand, this is absolutely within the show's wheelhouse but on the others....emoji bots? They seem so creepy.

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Our Robot Overlords Will be Disney-Approved

Disney has filed for a patent for a humanoid, "soft body robot for physical interaction with humans."

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Review: Anne Hathaway Stars in Colossal, a Fascinating, Female-Led Kaiju Film

4.5 out of 5 kaiju.

It’s the kind of film where I’m afraid of telling you too much, because I’d be doing this fascinating, oddball story a disservice. Colossal is a film that’s best experienced almost blind, which is basically how the film’s protagonist walks through much of her life.

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Facebook Head of AI Trusts Society as a Failsafe Against Evil and Oh God We’re All Doomed

World domination by unstoppable machines might be on the back burner in terms of reasons to worry about AI, since robots taking all our jobs is a much more pressing concern, but the singularity bringing our whole world crashing down is still a concern, especially since the whole idea of it is that it would happen rather suddenly. Facebook's head of AI isn't worried, though, because surely society will stop evil from taking hold!

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Every Little Girl Needs a Special Robot (Water Heater) Friend

It's way too early for Monday Cute, but who says we can't indulge in a little mid-week early morning cute to start our day off right? And this, my friends, is not only adorable, it involves a little girl and a robot friend.

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Here’s a Robot Beating the New “I Am Not a Robot” CAPTCHA While We’re All Distracted Fighting Each Other

The human vs. robot escalation continues.

In all the other, less sci-fi inspired ways we've been focused on the world crumbling around us, we've taken our eye off of the true threat: the robot uprising. They know we're not looking, and they're seizing this critical moment to quietly advance—or someone just came up with a clever workaround for those CAPTCHAs that detect whether or not you're human by your lack of machine-like precision and efficiency.

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Things We Saw Today: This Stranger Things Dress Is Giving Us Life

We can't even with this amazing dress! Cosplayer Kitty Cosplay totally killed it with this dress that not only incorporates the now-iconic alphabet/Christmas lights on wallpaper communication method from Stranger Things, but also the demigorgon bursting through the wall from the Upside Down. Check it out after the jump!

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So, You’ve Realized You’re a Robot. Now What? Westworld‘s “Trace Decay” Gives Us Maeve’s Revolution

It's Monday, which means it's time for another one of Teresa and Maddy's good cop/bad cop dual recaps of Westworld. As always, Maddy is the Sylvester of these recaps, who thinks we should probably shut the whole thing down and “brick it,” but Teresa is the Felix of the pair, who has hope that we can all take down Westworld's most unsavory aspects and triumph in the end.

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Japanese Company Didn’t Learn a Thing From Jurassic Park, Wants to Make Robo-Dinos

Here's the latest entry into the "you were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn't stop to think if you should" file.

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