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Valentine’s Day

Hater Dating App Helps You Find Common Ground in the Things You Really Hate

A dating app for the rest of us.

In a world full of Tinder, OkCupid, and more, we now have Hater, a dating app that matches people based on the things they (you guessed it) hate. (My aesthetic.)

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Adidas’ Response to Valentine’s Day Ad Haters Sends Them Packing

For Valentine's Day yesterday, Adidas posted a pretty adorable Instagram photo featuring what might be a same sex couple wearing some of their shoes. Predictably, some folks couldn't handle the sweetness of it all and went all aggro up in the comments section.

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Your Valentine’s Weekend Movie Guide to Flicks That Aren’t Deadpool

Seems Valentine’s Day falling on a weekend (and right before a national holiday) opens the flood gates for new releases of blockbuster and indie films. While we don’t have the variety and diversity we should, we're getting a pretty wide selection of genres and styles, so if you are looking at something besides Zoolander 2 or Deadpool, here's a handy guide to some of the choices opening this weekend.

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Things We Saw Today: Shhhh, Just Watch This Vine of Jeff Goldblum

You don't need anything beyond this right now. Just unmute this Vine and allow yourself to take it all in--everything from the undeniable moves to that fixed stare right at the end. (We're so transfixed that we didn't even notice the younger Hemsworth making a brief cameo appearance.)

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Ryan Reynolds RomCom, Like … Deadpool?

Deadpool comes out this February 12, which is practically on Valentine's Day. Given that it stars Ryan Reynolds—who's just as well-known for doing rom-coms as action movies—it seems only fair that the advertising team would poke a little fun by creating a romantic comedy poster for the movie.

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Allow Neil Gaiman to Serenade You With the Honeyed Tones of His Song, “I Google You”

*immediately goes to google someone*

If you've never heard author Neil Gaiman speak, I highly recommend doing so should you get the chance. He's a wonderful orator, but as it turns out, that pleasantness translates to his singing voice as well (even if he doesn't think so). Gaiman and Amanda Palmer performed a special one-night show in Florida on Valentine's Day during which they performed his "I Google You," a different kind of sorrowful love song for the digital age.

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The Actual NSA is Here With the Creepy Valentine’s Wishes You Never Wanted

Happy Valentines Day!

NSA, if this is the sort of thing that you have to come out and tell people, just telling them hasn't erased the root of the problem.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With New Harley Quinn Merch, Just Dump the Joker

It wasn't until I was much older that I realized just how problematic the Harley Quinn/Joker relationship was. That said, Harley herself will always have a place in my heart. Particularly when it comes to fashion. So you can imagine I was pretty excited to get a sample of the new "Harleen" line from Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC Entertainment, and Hot Topic. Take a look at those items plus a slew of others available at

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Happy Invertebrate Valentine’s Day, Here are Some Cuttlefish CuttleBoning!

More like sexalopods, amIright, science?

This video is great for many reasons, but mainly because the way cuttlefish canoodle is so. Dang. Weird.

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Revel In Tiny Hamster Love This Valentine’s Day With A Tiny Hamster Date

Feat. teeny spaghetti

I don't know why, but there's just something about teeny-tiny spaghetti on teeny-tiny plates for a teeny-tiny hamster date that just gets me.

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10 Kick-Ass Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies on Netflix to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With

<3 <3 <3

For some, Valentine’s Day is a day for love, sex, ’n’ romance. For others, it’s… not.

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PBS Idea Channel Looks at Fan Fiction, Love Bending, and the Significance of Korrasami

♫ I saw some ships come sailing in, on Valentine's Day, on Valentine's Day ♫

Just in time for Galentine's Day, PBS Idea Channel has released a new vid discussing fan fiction and implicit vs. explicit LGBTQ representation in light of the Legend of Korra finale. And hey! They quote The Mary Sue's own Katie Schenkel!

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Characters Talk About Their Love Lives and Loki Has a “Moment” in the Latest Leigh Lahav ‘Toon

We don't know what about this is our favorite part. Black Widow? Hermione? The Mad Men Song?

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A Quick Valentine’s Lesson in How The Heart Came to Be Associated With Love

And how it came to be "heart-shaped" for that matter.

A long time ago, the heart wasn't associated with anything but pumping blood through our apey bodies. Now we all know it as a symbol for love. This Mental Floss video will fill you in on how we got from one to the other, because nothing says I love you like a history lesson, am I right?

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San Francisco Zoo Valentine’s Day Promotion Encourages Adopting a Cockroach In Honor of Your Ex

You probably think this bug is about you, don't you?

Love is dead! May the bugs dance on its bloated corpse!

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A Valentine’s Day Greeting From Amanda, Age 30


We asked one of our contributing writers, Amanda LaPergola, to create a series of geek-inspired Valentine’s Day cards like she did in 2012. We asked if that was something she would be able to handle.  She said it was.  We asked if she would be able to make the deadline (sometime before Valentine’s Day).  She said that would be no problem.  We asked if she was really, really, really sure that this was something she wanted to do and was capable of handling on her own.  She through her head back and laughed.  And that is how we left things with her. This afternoon, we had heard nothing from Amanda, and we assumed that no Valentines would be had.  Just as we were about to close up Mary Sue Headquarters, a woman arrived at the offices.  This woman, we assumed, was Amanda’s mom.  She handed us a single piece of paper, shrugged, and left before we could ask her anything. This is the paper we were given…

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Reserve Now If You Want To Dine At A Florida Mcdonald’s Tonight

The perfect way to show someone you'll love them!

If you're sick of the demanding consumerism that comes with celebrating the people you love today, Ernesto Izquierdo works at a Mcdonald's in Tampa and totally gets it. Thankfully she got her restaurant to take reservations tonight, so we can all celebrate love on the cheap. Yes, it's the most Florida thing ever--but isn't it also kind of sweet?

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Guy Reserved Every Other Seat in a Movie Theater So Couples Couldn’t Sit Together on Valentine’s Day

Couples respond by probably just going to a different movie.

What's one to do in the face of a post-breakup Valentine's Day? Forgoing the popular "play video games alone and drink" approach, a man in Shanghai decided to reserve every other seat at a screening of Beijing Love Story so that snuggling couples wouldn't rub romance in his face... at a movie called Beijing Love Story.

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Take Your Makeouts (And Also Your Nightmares) to The Next Level With This Kissing Practice Pillow

This will really improve James Franco's relationship with his dakimakura, Kimiko-tan.

Want to creep out your valentine and also imply that they're not a very good kisser in one fell swoop? Have we got the romantic homemade gift for you! All you need is some felt, a needle and thread, pillow stuffing, and a bunch of rubber removable mouths from discarded CPR dummys, and you'll be able to make your partner's dreams come true.

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Tell Someone You Think They’re Alright With These JL8 Valentines

You're alright, Internet. We guess.

It's Valentine's Day. You know how we know? Because the Internet is flooded with people sharing Valentines. Love it or hate it, it's happening, and it's going to continue to happen because this set of Valentines from JL8 creator Yale Stewart. We'd be remiss if we didn't share them with you, Internet.

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