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  1. Under $100 Lamp Records and Secretly Livetweets Conversations

    Let's shed some light... on your secrets.

    Remember comedian Kyle Ayers eavesdropping on and livetweeting a couple's breakup? Hilarious, yes, but ethical... hard to say. Well, any residual paranoia New Yorkers had left over from that fiasco is about to increase 1,000 fold: the city now has secret livetweeting lamps. Quick, everyone do a room check!

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  2. Sources Say the NSA Kept Heartbleed Bug A Secret And Exploited It For Years

    Et tu, CVE-2014-0160?

    We've only known about the Heartbleed threat since April 7th, but sources say the bug was no surprise to the NSA. In a violation of trust that may end America's remaining patience for irresponsible surveillance, the NSA kept the coding flaw a secret and left citizens vulnerable to threats from criminals and foreign intelligence agencies for years.

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  3. The NSA’s Leaked Advice Column Is Real and Extremely Ironic

    Dear Redacted...

    Being a professional voyeur is stressful. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now know that the NSA provided their employees with the guidance necessary to navigate the demands of their unique profession using a "Dear Abby"-style advice column. One frequent complaint? NSA spies were uncomfortable with constant surveillance in the workplace.

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  4. Today We Fight Back Against the NSA and Our Future Orwellian Dystopia With a Day of Activism

    We're mad as Hell, and we're not gonna take it anymore.

    The Internet is tired of complaining about the NSA, but instead of taking the "just stop complaining about it" option, there's an Internet-wide day of activism today. So, if you want your Internet porn habits to stay private (or your personal phone records. Whatever), crank up "We're Not Gonna Take It" and read what they want you to do about it.

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  5. PRSM: The Social Network You’re Part Of Whether You Like It or Not

    The ability to constantly share everything, with people you've never met before, and you don't even know they're listening! Welcome to the future!

    Do you like sharing on the Internet? Of course you do, it's what the Internet is for! But what if there was a service to let you share everything? Not just what you think is cool, but every site you visit and email you send, period. Good news -- there is! And the better news? You're already signed up for PRSM, the NSA's new social network.

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  6. Guardian Tool Lets You Know Exactly How Panicked to Be About NSA Surveillance

    Dear NSA: I love bald eagles and America, I promise.

    If you're paranoid and obsessive, not to mention prone to oversharing, there's a good chance you're a little concerned about this whole NSA surveillance thing. And it's not unlikely that you've been mentally running through every text, phone call, picture, email, and IM you've sent in the past, well, ever. But worry no more! The Guardian has developed a tool to see just how likely it is that the NSA cares about you. At all.

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  7. Wait, Really? New Poll Shows Most People Are Okay With NSA Accessing Their Phone Records

    What would be more unnerving to you -- that your government was keeping a running list of all the calls you made from your cell phone, or that your neighbor probably wouldn't have a problem with the policy? If it's that last one...well, we've got some bad news. A poll taken last week by the Pew Research Center and the Washington Post found that  most respondents  -- 56% to be exact -- found the NSA's phone record requisitions to be fair play.

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  8. 1984 Up 7,000% in Popularity on Amazon This Week

    George Orwell's classic novel of a dystopian future is now a very popular guide to the world in which we live.

    As news of government surveillance of private citizens continues to break, many people are looking for a convenient primer on living under the all-seeing eye of a totalitarian dictatorship. Granted, we're not there yet, but that hasn't stopped plenty of folks from preparing. For Amazon, that means that copies of 1984, George Orwell's bleak vision of a dystopian future, is positively flying off of digital shelves, shooting up a staggering 7,005% in popularity in the past few days.

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  9. Drones, Drones Everywhere: German Railway to Test Anti-Graffiti Drones Despite Privacy Concerns

    Germany's national railway is testing small surveillance drones to stop graffiti, because of course.

    Germany is a country that takes its privacy very seriously. Google has had a number of problems with German privacy laws in the past, which is why it's surprising to see that the country's national rail system is considering using surveillance drones to stop people from vandalizing railway stations. When I say, "stop people," they'll just be gathering evidence as a preventative measure, not firing missiles at vandals or anything like that. At least not yet.

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  10. Governments Behaving Badly: U.K. to Track Online Messaging, U.S. Allowed to Straight Bomb Citizens

    Want some creepy, Big Brother flavored news? The British government is mulling a plan that would riddle its telecommunication infrastructure with "probes" that could surreptitiously read and glean information from citizens' emails and Facebook messages. Any other day, that would be the most offensive and invasive thing done by any major world power to their citizens. The United Kingdom got a stroke of luck, though, releasing the report in the wake of a leak from the U.S. Department of Justice that outlined the circumstances in which the United States government can use a robot to rain fire from the sky on a U.S. citizen without due process. Which is...probably worse? Yeah, probably worse. No one is having a great day here, though.

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