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PRSM: The Social Network You’re Part Of Whether You Like It or Not

The ability to constantly share everything, with people you've never met before, and you don't even know they're listening! Welcome to the future!

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Do you like sharing on the Internet? Of course you do, it’s what the Internet is for! But what if there was a service to let you share everything? Not just what you think is cool, but every site you visit and email you send, period. Good news — there is! And the better news? You’re already signed up for PRISM, the NSA’s new social network.

PRISM is, of course, not actually a social network, but the NSA’s formerly secret surveillance program that tracks the way Americans use the Internet, saving and analyzing metadata from all of our many and varied adventures on the web. Or yeah, mostly keeping track of how much we look at porn and cat videos, because let’s be real, we all know what we’re REALLY doing with the Internet.

But some intrepid satirists have turned their design chops on the concept, emphasizing the benefits of PRISM — like unlimited storage and the fact that you’re connected with the entire rest of the country automatically — to give the program a sleek makeover as PRSM, the hot new social sharing site of the moment. You know, like StumbleUpon, but with a future. It’s a great little piece of parody, and you should by all means give it a glance. Don’t worry about logging in, though — they already have your email address.

Meanwhile, over at the NSA, you know there are at least a couple higher-ups who are just livid that they didn’t use a marketing tactic like this for the real PRISM program. They could have had, like, half of America signed on willingly. It’s not like we’re reading the terms of service agreements on any of these sites, anyway.

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