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  1. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Heavy is the Head”

    Science bros!

    "Heavy is the Head" was part two of the season premiere, picking up exactly where the first episode left off. Where "Shadows" was filled with lovely character moments and personal development (promising a more character-focused second season), this week's episode suffered from having to do the business. "Heavy is the Head" was heavy in the plotting, but I can forgive it. They have a whole season's worth of plot lines to set up, and I'm just glad it wasn't all crammed into the premiere.

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  2. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: “Total Chaos: The Messy Love Rectangle”

    In which Zoisite gets his hand smacked.

    The left side of Zoisite's hair says ponytail, but the right side says I don't want to get married, I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset.

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  3. Sleepy Hollow Visual Recap: “The Kindred”

    There's a new Sheriff in town! Literally. And she's great.

    The saga of a puppy-eyed Ichabod Crane trying to rescue ladies, only for the ladies to say "No, actually, it's better if you don't," continues. I love this show.

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  4. Doctor Who Recap: “The Caretaker”

    *Rose GIF incoming*

    Did I think this was the single most boring episode of modern Doctor Who? Read on to find out!

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  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender Newbie Recap: “Appa’s Lost Days”

    This used to be a happy kid's show.

    Hello and welcome to the new Friday edition of Avatar: The Last Airbender newbie recaps. Last week's episode (singular, because I need emotional space for both these two) was a heartbreak and a half. Surely this episode will be easier to get through?

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  6. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Shadows”

    More like Agents of We're Finally Getting Somewhere, am I right?

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned to our screens last night, and I'm going to be your new recapper for this season. Nice to meet you, True Believers! Let's get this started on a positive note: I already liked the premiere far better than I liked the majority of season one. Phew.

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  7. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: “The Boy Who Can See The Future” and “Usagi and Mamoru Get Closer”


    Honestly, you guys have are lucky I even noticed this, I've been skipping the title sequence lately.

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  8. Sleepy Hollow Visual Recap: “This Is War”

    "Abbie, Abbie look!"

    I'm doing something a little different for my recaps of Sleepy Hollow's second season—namely, visual recaps like I did with Vikings. This is a show with a history of being really good facial expressions, after all. So let's jump right into last night's season premiere (what, you watched Gotham instead? Pssht.), featuring adorable cupcake Ichabod Crane, badass Mills sisters, grenade-wielding Headless Horsemen, and NAKED BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.

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  9. Doctor Who Recap: “Time Heist”

    *indiscriminate noises of frustration*

    While interesting in concept, this week's episode of Doctor Who, "Time Heist," is a frustrating exercise in Moffatian repetition that makes me want to throw my sonic screwdriver out a window. Ugh.

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  10. Sailor Moon Crystal Recap, Act 6: “Tuxedo Mask”

    Miracle romance!

    In this episode, Tuxedo Mask indirectly recites a riot and catches a fainting Usagi multiple times. It's also the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal that I've actively disliked, but not for the reasons I just brought up. Let's talk about it.

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