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  1. The Walking Dead Finale Recap: “Conquer”

    Well, we have officially closed the book on season 5 of The Walking Dead, and the 90-minute finale proved to be every bit as explosive and exciting as we all hoped. Let’s talk about the episode.

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  2. Steven Universe Recap: “Joy Ride”

    For all your aliens-taking-selfies needs; ominous foreshadowing included free of charge.

    It would seem that season 2 will be dividing its time between quirky character antics, Gem history and warfare, and emotional baggage so heavy our lungs will be collectively crushed if we’re not prepared.

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  3. Yurikuma Arashi Recap – Episode 11: “What We Hope For”

    Me too, Ginko. Me, too.

    Picking up nowhere near where we left off (it wouldn’t be Yurikuma otherwise), Ginko treats us to an internal monologue where she apologizes to Lulu for lying to her and pretending not to know how she felt, all of which occurs over images of broken honey pots and torn picture books, and… but no. No way Lulu’s gonna bite the love bullet this week. I mean, if they were gonna do that, they would have done it last week, right? That’s how these stories go, right?

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  4. Twin Peaks Newbie Recap: “Drive with a Dead Girl” & “Arbitrary Law”

    Where do you go after the OMGWTFPOLARBEAR of last week's episodes??

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  5. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 59 & 60

    And so as one Sailor Moon aRc ends, another begins…

    And no, we do NOT have time for a retrospective! There was FAR too much happening this week. So I’ll cover my reactions as we go, with my usual blend of exaggeration and irreverence. But don’t let my cheekiness fool you: I quite enjoyed both episodes this week, and I’m looking forward to telling you kids all about it.

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  6. iZombie Recap: “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?”

    Episode 2: Dead Sexy and Lovin’ It!

    After last week’s super brainsssy series premiere, iZombie was back last night with “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” This intriguingly sexual (gettin’ there in a hot minute) follow-up ep not only introduced a new villain/possible future lovah for our zombified Veronica Mars, Liv Moore, but also got down to business about the kind of business the dead can get down to in this world.

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  7. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Love in the Time of Hydra”

    The title refers to how I feel about Edward James Olmos, right?

    This week's episode of SHIELD brought the funny and the fucked-up in similar amounts this week, leaving me feeling a little excited, a little disturbed - but also, honestly, just a little bored.

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  8. The Walking Dead Recap: “Try”

    We are officially one episode away from the season 5 finale, and things are most definitely starting to heat up in Alexandria Safe Zone. After last week’s episode, “Spend,” it was inevitable that the tension boiling just under the surface would finally come to a head.

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  9. Avatar: The Last Airbender Newbie Recap: “The Boiling Rock, Part 2″


    Will Sokka and Zuko successfully rescue Sokka’s father? Will Zuko continue to be bad at life? Will Katara slap Sokka when she finds out she wasn’t invited on the prison rescue mission? Let’s find out!

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  10. Spaced Newbie Recap, “Battles”

    We finally got more Mike this week!

    With this weeks episode of Spaced I saw two more Edgar Wright-isms introduced in the early stages of his career. First, there was his love of people jumping out of windows and out of scene, which would of course come back in Scott Pilgrim vs The World and The Worlds End. Then, Tim says to Brian "you've got some paint on you" which can't help but make me remember "you've got red on you" from Shaun of the Dead.

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