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  1. Yurikuma Arashi Recap: “Bride-in-the-Box”

    And I thought Jack-in-the-boxes were creepy.

    should have mentioned this last week and forgot to do so, but while I’ve generally been pretty pleased with the Funimation translation, they made the somewhat unlucky decision to use “Kumalia” instead of “Kumaria” for クマリア (where the リ can be romanized as either “ri” or “li”).

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  2. Agent Carter Finale Recap: “Valediction”

    The end?

    In this week’s thrilling conclusion to Agent Carter, there’s no time for jokes because we’ve got a city to save, a deeply flawed inventor to exonerate, and Angie has got to find a new apartment.

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  3. The Walking Dead Recap: “The Distance”

    After last week’s slightly unsettling introduction of Aaron, I was ready to get a closer look at him. We haven’t really seen anyone this clean, friendly, and put together since... well, since before the zombie apocalypse. It might be sad, but there is nothing that is a bigger red flag in a zombie apocalypse than a clean, friendly person.

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  4. Twin Peaks Newbie Recap: “Coma” & “The Man Behind Glass”

    Some days...

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  5. Yurikuma Arashi Recap—Episode 7: “The Girl That I Forgot”

    I may never be able to listen to “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” the same way again.

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  6. Sailor Moon Newbie Reviews: Episodes 49-50

    The pretty guardian in a keffiyeh appears!

    I’m on the road, sans my usual computer (and therefore my animated gif collection), and completely burned out from my week-long Utena watch-n-blog marathon, so today’s recaps are going to be an exercise in brevity. Fortunately it’s also an exercise is mostly-filler, so this should be doable.

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  7. Agent Carter Recap: “Snafu”

    This week on Agent Carter, we’re still cuffed to a table. But we’ve got to make a break for it before Dr. Ivchenko’s true nature is revealed, Leviathan comes out to play, and Howard Stark’s inventions make life a hell of a lot more difficult.

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  8. The Walking Dead Recap: “Them”

    As always, this recap contains spoilers, so if you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead, turn back now!

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  9. Twin Peaks Newbie Recap: “The Last Evening” & “May the Giant Be with You”

    In which everyone dies. Probably.

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  10. Yurikuma Arashi Recap – Episode 6: “The Moon Girl and the Forest Girl”

    A picture book nestled in a memory nestled in a flashback nestled in an episode. Well. Things must be getting serious, then.

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