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  1. Recaps From the Brightest Timeline: Community Season 6 Episode 3 “Senior Project”

    Here in the brightest timeline, we just have Community-Con.

    We've transmitted another Community season 6 recap back to you from the brightest timeline! The clones we've left back in your timeline have been busy transcribing all of our feelings about the season's third episode as aired here in the timeline where Community was never canceled, and it's finally ready for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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  2. Sailor Moon Newbie Recaps: Episodes 11 and 12

    I have my reasons!

    Welcome to Sailor Moon newbie recaps, The One Where They Go To a Theme Park, and The One Where They Go On a Cruise.

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  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender Newbie Recap: Book One Finale “The Siege of the North,” Parts 1 and 2


    Season Book One of Avatar: The Last Airbender: Completed. Aang and Zuko aren't BFFs yet. When will this happen? I need it!

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  4. Sailor Moon Crystal Recap, Act 2: “Ami — Sailor Mercury”

    Douse your head in water and get pumped.

    Well, it looks like that expensive first episode budget isn't going to transfer over to the rest of Sailor Moon Crystal—but actually, that might be a good thing! Rather than follow the anime's example and give Usagi a few episodes to figure out how to fight crime alone, we're jumping right into it with our first inner senshi, Sailor Mercury.

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  5. True Blood Recap: “Lost Cause”

    Ain't no party like a Bon Temps party 'cause a Bon Temps party is fueled by denial.

    I'm constantly justifying my loyalty to True Blood by referencing the first two seasons, but there was no need for nostalgia this week--yesterday's episode made me feel like it was 2008 all over again.

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  6. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 9 and 10

    Mars Power... Make Up!

    This week: clocks, buses, and the most ridiculous Tuxedo Mask rescue yet. Get out of here, Tuxedo Mask.

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  7. True Blood Recap: Death Is Not The End

    Especially when you have friends left to feed on.

    Hellllooooo, retro Eric.

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  8. Legend of Korra Recap: “In Harm’s Way” and “The Metal Clan”

    Chapters 4 and 5!

    This area will continue to be a leaked episode spoiler free zone!

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  9. Recaps From the Brightest Timeline: Community Season 6 Episode 2 “Guidance Ethics”

    Your timeline is irrelevant.

    Hey! We didn't forget about you on our trip to the brightest timeline. Lots of timelines have a Fourth of July, so Community wasn't on last Thursday. Oh, we heard that you guys are getting a sixth season of Community, too. That's great! (I heard yours won't have Donald Glover, though.) But we did travel all the way here in the Dreamatorium and everything, so we're going to keep bringing you recaps of the show's sixth season here.

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  10. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 7 and 8

    Mercury Power... Make Up!

    This week on Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask actually does something useful, and I get to meet another Sailor Senshi! SO EXCITE.

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