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  1. Using Science For The Ultimate Good: Saving Tiny Penguin Chicks


    The critically-endangered African penguin is going through some bad times lately because of commercial fishing - but science to the rescue! Let this adorable animation teach you about how hand-raising tiny baby penguins can save a species. And then, how can I sign up to be a tiny baby penguin handler? Thanks.

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  2. This Just In: Benedict Cumberbatch Can’t Say the Word “Penguin” [VIDEO]

    Peengwons. Porkwerns. Poongies?

    Remember that SNL sketch from the '90s where Charlton Heston clammed up (pun intended) during the audiobook for Madonna' Sex and kept saying "vagina" instead of... you know, the actual word on the page? I imagine the mood was similar during the ADR sessions for the 2009 BBC nature documentary South Pacific, in which Benedict Cumberbatch was forced to endure the horror that is the word "penguins." Such a brave man.

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  3. Monday Cute: Waddling Penguins Struggle With Mysterious Tricky Barrier

    We are the penguins. Monday is the rope. May you be the one that gets across without catching its foot. Previously in Penguins

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  4. The Internet Loves Making Penguin Sweaters

    But what about bow ties to match their tuxedos?

    Dear Internet: if you are currently knitting a sweater for a penguin impacted by an oil spill, pause! Philip Island Penguin Foundation made a public plea for sweaters yesterday, but use your yarn cautiously; in the past, these requests have resulted in thousands of unnecessary sweaters. Internet, for once, you are being too kind.

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  5. British Penguins Stressed-Out by Excessive Rain Are Taking Antidepressants

    Mr. (Pill) Popper's penguins.

    You know how it goes. You're hanging out with all of your penguin buddies, giving rocks as signs of affection, enjoying the snow and being adorable... and then you're in a zoo in Britain in a record-breaking rainy season, and it really bums you out. That's why zookeepers in Britain are slipping their penguins antidepressants.

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  6. Animal Planet Also Has a Live Streaming Penguin Cam!

    They should get Morgan Freeman to narrate this thing.

    Let's go ahead and add penguins to the "List of Things Geekosystem Thinks Are More Interesting Than Football," so imagine our delight to find that Animal Planet, along with their Puppy Cam, has one for the penguin cheerleaders as well!

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  7. Cold as Ice and Then Some: Penguins Are Colder Than the Air Around Them

    A team of European penguin researchers found some unexpected results when they turned infrared heat sensing cameras on a group of emperor penguins they were studying. The outer layer of the birds feathers, they found, was actually colder than the surrounding air. While it goes against common sense, keeping their outermost layers ice-cold may actually help penguins stay warm deeper inside -- where it counts.

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  8. Penguin Cam Shows Life From A Penguin’s Point of View (Spoiler: There Are Lots of Fish) [Video]

    People become scientists for a lot of reasons. Because they enjoy solving the mysteries of the universe, or want to make the world a better place to live, or just because it's a career that helps them finish the death ray they're working on in their basement. These are all noble reasons for wanting to do science -- especially the death ray thing -- but none of them is the best reason. The best reason to become a scientist, clearly, is so you can strap small cameras to Adelie penguins and make videos about their lives under the sea like the one you can watch below.

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  9. Prehistoric Penguins Were Giant, Still Couldn’t Fly

    Aaaaaas Yooooou Wiiiiiiiiiiiish

    Paleontologists working in Antarctica have discovered the remains of a giant prehistoric penguin. How giant is giant, you ask? 6.5 feet tall. That's right. A six and a half foot tall penguin. Quick, to the time machine!

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  10. Researchers Reveal Science Behind Penguin Snuggling

    Sharing isn't always caring, it would seem. In penguins, for example, sharing seems to be the result of being kind of a jerk. Researchers investigating the physics of how penguins share warmth by huddling together on particularly cold Antarctic days found that each penguin is trying only to maximize the heat it retains while snuggling with its colleagues, but that the result is an egalitarian cuddle pile in which every penguin has more or less the same access to warmth. In other more important news, there are researchers working hard on revealing the science behind penguin snuggling, because hooray for science.

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