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Animal Planet Also Has a Live Streaming Penguin Cam!

They should get Morgan Freeman to narrate this thing.


Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

Let’s go ahead and add penguins to the “List of Things Geekosystem Thinks Are More Interesting Than Football,” so imagine our delight to find that Animal Planet, along with their Puppy Cam, has one for the penguin cheerleaders as well!

Alright, so the camera appears to be suffering from some kind of humidity issue at the moment, and the penguins aren’t parading in front of it as much as we’d like. There’s also that horrible background noise, so maybe it’s not the bes–ERMAHGERD ONE JUST WALKED OUT LOOK AT HOW CUTE!

Yup. Even a flawed penguin cam is great, and certainly more interesting than footbowls.

(via Animal Planet)

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