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  1. New Zealanders Who Clicked on Nude Hack Links Got Hit With Malware, Possibly Broke the Internet

    Somebody call the Karma Police, cuz THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.

    Here at The Mary Sue we're pretty firm believers that no one should be clicking on links that advertise nude pictures from the celebrity hack last week, because those pictures were all stolen and that's a shitty thing to do. But you know what else is a good deterrent, for people who don't care about being shitty? The possibility of your computer getting hacked next.

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  2. A Malware Protection “Placebo” App Made $40,000 by Doing Nothing

    5/5 stars. Would get fooled by again.

    The placebo effect is great, because not only does it psychologically fix things from time to time, but it also tricks you into fun things like believing your car goes faster when you put a bunch of cool stickers on it. It also makes people a bunch of money when they sell an app that does nothing but tell people it's preventing malware.

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  3. New Report Says the NSA Poses as Facebook to Spread Their Malware, Good Thing We’ve All Moved on to Twitter

    When searching for terrorists, leave no picture of a baby or pet unchecked.

    Oh my God, the NSA is posing as Facebook to spread malware and steal all of your data! Can you even belie—no, I can't do it. I just cannot be surprised at the depths of this whole NSA spying debacle anymore. I don't have anything left. If they mounted a camera to my skull that observed my face at all times, all they'd see is a lack of shock.

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  4. Scientists Created Malware That Communicates by Sound, Because Malware Wasn’t Annoying Enough

    "Pssst, hey! Download me! I promise I'm just a nifty browser toolbar and won't break your computer!"

    If malware that can infect your computer through its speakers sounds like some kind of horrible nightmare, that's the appropriate reaction and demonstrates that your brain is functioning normally. However, it's probably a good thing that science discovered it, because there's a possibility that it's already circulating.

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  5. Mozilla Would Like You to Stop Making Your Spyware Look Like Firefox

    Gamma International makes commercial spyware that governments and other entities use for various spy stuff. One of the reasons Gamma's software works is that it disguises itself as Mozilla's Firefox browser so that the people being spied upon don't delete it. That's clever, but Mozilla would like them to knock it off. Mozilla's even sent a cease and desist letter to Gamma.

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  6. New Skype Malware Makes Computers Mine Bitcoins

    Bitcoin is all the rage right now, with the price hitting above $100 and people with a background in economics and finance taking it a bit more seriously, so it's only natural that folks would look to capitalize on its current prominence. Those that are looking to get rich quick are even getting inventive, going so far as to create a new form of malware propagating through Skype that turns the host computer into a Bitcoin-mining slave.

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  7. Android Malware Moves From Phone to PC, Listens in on You With Your Own Microphone

    The cyber-security wonks at Kaspersky have raised the alarm on a piece of malware for Android phones. The real target of the virus, though, isn't the phone -- it's the computer users will plug it into. The malware, which was available until recently in the Google Play store, masquerades as simple Android phone clean up apps going by the (slightly ironic) names SuperClean and DroidCleaner. Once the apps made it onto a computer, though, they doesn't clean up so much as clean house, copying sensitive data like photos and contact information to remote servers. That's not unnerving enough for you? Don't worry -- to turn the creep factor up to 11, the malware is also capable of turning on PC microphones to listen in on users and relay along those recordings to its shadowy overlords.

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  8. White House Cyberattack Was Just an Email With Malware, Nigerians Return to Drawing Board

    At what point do we start classifying something as a "cyberattack" rather than "malicious spam" when it comes to email? Apparently, that line is drawn when it involves the White House. After some reports were made that a brazen attack occurred that compromised the security of the United States' nuclear commands, the White House has confirmed that they were, in fact, the target of a "cyberattack" insofar as an email was sent to them that contained malware. Most everything else about the hyperbolic first reports, however, they claim to be false.

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  9. Forget Bloatware; Some New Computers Come Equipped With Malware

    There's a nasty little habit where computer manufacturers, or really any tech manufacturer, install software on the machine that is absolutely worthless before it hits store shelves. There programs are frustrating, but they ultimately constitute what amounts to a minor annoyance. On the other hand, it appears there's a new trend going on: Installing malware prior to purchase.

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  10. Emma Watson is the Most Dangerous Actress in Hollywood, to Computers

    the internet is serious business

    Emma Watson's The Perks of Being a Wallflower comes out later this month, and while we're a bit more excited for The Bling Ring, her flick where she's the leader of a gang of bored rich teens who go on a cat-burglary spree (based on a true story), we're sure that search traffic on her name is correspondingly up. But according to security firm McAfee, that might be dangerous for the casual internet searcher.

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