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  1. Twitter Is Surveying Users to Find Out How Big a Problem Online Harassment Is

    Ooh, ooh! I have an answer for them! *Raises hand emphatically.*

    Twitter, which sucks at dealing with online harassment as a whole by its own admission, is now surveying users to find out how big a problem harassment really is.

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  2. Gamergate Supporter Who Threatened Brianna Wu Revealed To Be A Parody Character, Is Still An Asshole

    AKA, The Boy Who Cried Troll.

    Once again, everything is ruined by a dude who thinks he's a comedian but is actually just a dick. Way to go, Jan Rankowski! You've managed to do harassment victims, feminists, the art of comedy itself, and even gamergaters a huge disservice all at the same time.

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  3. Revenge Porn Site Creator Hunter Moore Is Going To Jail

    Once called "The Most Hated Man On The Internet" by Rolling Stone, revenge pornographer and all around despicable troll Hunter Moore has pled guilty to unauthorized access to a computer, aiding and abetting unauthorized access of a computer, and identity theft. Is there an Internet feminist version of "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" that we can all sing together? Can somebody write one?

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  4. Sweet Revenge: Adult Wednesday Addams Punishes Her Catcallers

    Stop telling Wednesdays to smile.

    Like many of the other videos that have helped raise awareness of street harassment in recent months, Wednesday Addams' response to her catcallers might not be perfect, but it's a super refreshing change to see a video that doesn't just depict street harassers as people of color.

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  5. Let’s Talk About That Law & Order: SVU Gamergate Episode


    We previously reported that Law & Order: SVU would be taking on Gamergate in one of their many ripped-from-the-headlines episodes. Well, that episode aired this week, and it was….well, it happened.

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  6. Australia’s Supanova Convention Decides to Keep Firefly’s Adam Baldwin as a Guest Despite Outcry

    After weeks of controversy and debate, Supanova Pop Culture Expo has released a statement saying Firefly actor Adam Baldwin will remain a guest at their upcoming June shows.

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  7. 19-Year-Old Swatter Faces 5 Years in Prison; Army Veteran Swatted Mid-Stream on Twitch

    Today in "stuff that shouldn't fit right into our gaming tag..."

    In addition to featuring prominently in Law and Order's upcoming Gamergate episode, the practice of swatting (falsifying claims with the aim of sending armed law enforcement to a target's house) is gaining more national attention following the raid of 27-year-old veteran and Twitch streamer Joshua Peters' home and the unrelated arrest of 19-year-old swatter Brandon Wilson.

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  8. Twitter CEO’s Leaked Memo: “We Suck at Dealing With Abuse and Trolls”


    In the summer of 2013, when feminist critic Lindy West was receiving near-constant online rape threats for her stance on male comedians making rape jokes, one particularly virulent troll stole her deceased father's identity to harass West over Twitter. Last January, West shared her ensuing interactions with her harasser in an incredible This American Life episode and over on The Guardian--and it seems like someone at Twitter was listening.

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  9. Teenage Coders Who Developed Tampon Run Bring Game to App Store, Create Catcall Run

    Our Diva Cup runneth over.

    Good news, fans of political and body-positive projectiles: Tampon Run is coming to an Apple App store near you, and it has a sequel!

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  10. Law and Order SVU Is Doing an Episode Inspired By Gamergate


    In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered actually about ethics in game journalism.

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