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Things We Saw Today: Pop Culture Easter Egg Art Feat. Guardians Of the Galaxy

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate! My main form of celebrating this holiday mainly involves shoveling Peeps into my mouth and watching the occasional adorable Easter video. The one above features the Guardians Of the Galaxy crew as Easter eggs.

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SNL Devoted Its Monologue Time To Valiantly Begging Michael Keaton To Be Batman Again

Beetlejuice, too.

Look, all I'm gonna say is that I relate to this on a deep, deep level. Respect.

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Celebrate Easter By Watching A Bunch Of Baby Chicks Rock Out Hardcore

Think about this while you eat your peeps.

Are these chicks more metal than you? These chicks are more metal than me.

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Envision Yourself On Air Targaryen With Game Of Thrones House Brands TV Ads

"Join us now and own the sky." With dragons, obvi.

What if Game Of Thrones had way less monarchy and way more modern capitalism? Shutterstock's still marching on with their great AU wherein the Great Houses of Westeros are major corporations

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New Daredevil Trailers Revel In Spoopiness, Highlight Characters

I'm gonna all it spoopy until it is spoopy no longer. That said, I am very much looking forward to a Daredevil that helps heal the wounds of that other onscreen Daredevil. And so far this one looks like it's gonna deliver.

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#VeryRealisticYA Shows Youth Life Outside Of Carefully Constructed Teen Narratives

I spent my youth (and spend my present) reading as much YA as I can get my hands on. Some of it is more relatable than others, and some of it is relatable in sneaky ways despite it being set in worlds that do not exist outside its pages (or its big screen adaptations). All of it matters and all of it means something. But #VeryRealisticYA does something cool, too: It shows snippets of what the lives of actual real life young people often looks like, and that matters and means something too.

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Things We Saw Today: “S’moria Steinem” & Other Feminist Ben & Jerrys Flavors

Amanda McCall noticed that Ben & Jerrys has a dearth of delicious lady-inspired ice cream flavors. And so McCall took it upon herself to help them out. Feat. "Chocolate Cookie Doughprah Winfrey."

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Hayley Atwell Talks Agent Carter Future, Definitely “100%” Interested In Peggy Carter Movie

First we need that renewal, ABC.

Agent Carter may never get a second season, but damn if we're giving up hope yet. We will sit here pining until the day our hopes are dashed and will pout on for a long time after if that dashing comes to fruition. And regardless, we're always going to want to hear what Hayley Atwell has to say about Peggy Carter and her life.

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Holy Cow, Watch President Obama Talk About Science With Supergirl 6-Year-Olds

Little girls slayin'

Please join with me in the joy that is this video. Just look at all those six-year-old girls in superhero capes at the White House science fare, half-ignoring the president as they talk tech.

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Steven Moffat Calls Sherlock Season 4 “Bloody Frightening,” Sherlock Fanfic “Creative & Exciting”

Steven Moffat, teasing and cryptic? No! Never!

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Behold, The Rock As A Violent Muscle-Bound Bambi For SNL

Feat. deer puns.

With Cinderella in theaters and the Emma Watson-starring Beauty and the Beast all stocked up, a lot of us have Disney's live-action fairytale adaptations at the back of our minds.

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J.K. Rowling’s Casual Vacancy Gets HBO Trailer For US Premiere

We're in the midst of a new era of Rowling, folks, and that includes titillating trailers for the HBO premiere of the miniseries for Casual Vacancy.

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Things We Saw Today: A Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Made Of Carrots

So nutritious!

Someone built their rabbit a bunny-sized replica of the Iron Throne — entirely out of carrots, for their rabbit. This is one well-fed, powerful rabbit.

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Tampons Could Be Useful In The Detection Of Endometrial Cancer

Menstruation may still be largely hidden away from the public despite its massive prevalence in the lives of so many people with uteri, but tampons could be receiving their call to action.

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Hugh Jackman & Jennifer Lawrence Both Departing X-Men Very Very Soon

Fare thee well, friends.

All roles must eventually come to an end. X-Men: Apocalypse starts filming in April, and Hugh Jackman just instagrammed himself with Wolverine claws and a very bittersweet caption. Bye-bye, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.

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Please No: Paramount Wants To Marvelize Transformers & Keep It Going Into Infinity

why. stop. no.

Look, I'm as for a good dinosaur alien robot as the next girl. But this worries me.

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The Reason Queen Elizabeth Didn’t Take The Iron Throne Has Been Revealed

It's not that she didn't want to pander to how much of a kick the Internet would get out of it.

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NOOOPE: Here’s A Terrifying Crocodile Relative Known As The “Carolina Butcher”

D: :D

No. Nope. Nuh-uh.

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Things We Saw Today: A More Affordable (Felt) Apple Watch

Don't have a ton of money on hand (ahahaha get it, on hand) to spend on an Apple Watch? This one, from artist Hiné Mizushima, looks more comfortable anyway.

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Joss Whedon Confirms Avengers: Age Of Ultron Will Introduce Characters We Haven’t Glimpsed Yet

But who, Joss? WHOOOOOOOO?

Joss Whedon's talked before about about the massive hero soup he had to manage with Age Of Ultron, and now we've got confirmation that he's not just talking about the (many) new characters we've been seeing in trailers and promo art.

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