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  1. eBay Listing For “VERY HAUNTED” 2007 Apple Macbook Is Stupidly, Beautifully Spoopy

    Our source for this is Business Insider. Business. Insider.

    There are few members of the Internet I'm more partial to than the weirdos who post allegedly possessed items for sale on Craigslist or eBay, and in the case of the "computer that works great and may also be haunted by a ghost or specter," I kind of don't care if the seller is sincere or not. I just want to believe.

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  2. Facepalm: People Are Selling “Invisible” Nintendo Amiibo on eBay

    Well played, trolls.

    It started with two-cannon Samus selling for an absurdly high price and legless horror Peach—not to be confused with other horrific forms of Peach—but eBay's defective amiibo collector's item game has gone next-level. Now people are literally putting absolutely nothing up for sale and making an art form out of trolling collectors for their absurd overpayment.

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  3. One Of The World’s Spookiest Abandoned Places Burned To The Ground This Weekend

    All those poor, displaced nightmares.

    Someday this will be you, Legoland.

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  4. Yes, Apple Had an Employee Named Sam Sung, Of Course He’s Auctioning His Uniform for Charity

    Samsung's double-agent codename game needs work.

    How was this guy not the first person Apple questioned when they started their patent war with Samsung? Maybe he's the reason they're calling it off, because he forged a unity between the two sides as he worked together with Apple in harmony at the Apple store. Sam Sung has moved on to bigger and better screens things, so he's auctioning off his Apple business card and uniform for charity.

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  5. 46 oz. Can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler Shows Up on eBay, Sadly Cost Prohibitive

    Can you really put a price on nostalgia? This guy sure thinks so.

    Oh, eBay, what treasures you have. First, a $1,000 Crumbs cupcake, and now an ridiculously priced, decades-old can of Ecto Cooler. Truly you are one of the Internet's greatest wonders.

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  6. The Last Crumbs Bake Shop Cupcake Is on eBay

    Ayn Rand would be so proud.

    Sad news, friends: Crumbs Bake Shop has gone bankrupt and officially closed the doors on all their chain locations yesterday, leaving all of us cupcakeless and thousands of workers jobless. But at least somebody's looking to cash in on our collective misery. After all, if people were willing to pay $4 for a cupcake on the regular, they'll totally start the bidding at $250 eBay, right?

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  7. eBay was Hacked, Change Your Password and Blame Embarrassing Late Night Bids on Criminals

    Weird this Jar Jar mask has zero bids.

    Good Bad news, everyone! eBay was hacked, and they're saying passwords have been compromised. According to the company there's nothing that indicates any financial information has been compromised, but it's best to be safe and update your account before you end up paying for someone's limited edition Jem and the Holograms figurines.

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  8. eBay Won’t Let Desperate Canadian Town Auction off Whale Carcass for 99 Cents

    Sold to the man with the stump on his leg and maniacal glint in his eye!

    You can make a lot of dubious purchases online, but eBay has yet to jump the shark--er, whale. The town of Cape St.George, Newfoundland, tried an unorthodox way to dispose of a 40-foot rotting whale carcass decaying on their shores, but in spite of interest from bidders the online auction site has shut the whale sale down.

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  9. Sriracha Shortage Looms Again as Town Council Gives Factory an Ultimatum

    No, I'm not crying! These are just spice tears!

    Devotees of Sriracha are once again feeling the burn as the dispute between the city of Irwindale and hot-sauce maker Huy Fong Foods continues to heat up. The company received a "chili" ultimatum from the California town last night: stop stinking up our city, or we'll stop you ourselves.

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  10. Berlin’s Abandoned Amusement Park Now Available On E-Bay

    Wilkhommen to your nightmares.

    If you and your family of ghosts are looking for some new real estate to haunt, Spreepark--an abandoned amusement park in Berlin-- is now available on EBay for a mere 1.62 million Euros. That's over 223 million US dollars, and like, a billion boos in Ghost currency.

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