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If You Act Fast, You Could Own This 1980 Dodge Omni That Runs on Electricity

Much as how Doc Brown proclaimed that if one is going to make a time machine out of a car, why not make it out of a classic, if you’re going to convert a conventional car into an electric one, you may as well use a 1980 Dodge Omni.

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The Omni, whose soul characteristic is that it was a sporty-ish car that has not aged well, was never intended to be an electric car. However, Texas company Jet Industries took delivery of 19 Omnis in 1980, added a 23-horse power DC electric motor, and rechristened them the Jet Electricia. Oh, and it runs on 20 brand new lead-acid batteries — 15 in the trunk, and five in the front. Despite having never been sullied by a conventional engine, the cars are still marred by terrible 1980s automobile design.

And now you can buy one for the shockingly reasonable price of $3, 383 on eBay. The car in question has apparently spent several years in an Indiana museum, with fewer than 3,000 miles on its odometer. If you’re an obscure car collector or a fan of boring 80s cars in gunmetal grey, this is a must-have.
(via Green Car Report)

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