Park Gyu-young as Seo Ah-ri in Netflix's 'Celebrity' K-drama

Will the Influencer K-drama ‘Celebrity’ Return for Season 2?

Celebrity felt absurd to watch. We’ve all seen real influencer scandals come and go, disappearing from the news cycle after a week or two. But for the influencers who’ve fallen from grace in this K-drama, there’s no going back.

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All the members of the Gabin Society have had their names dragged through the mud—some deserved it, and some didn’t. Crimes have been uncovered, and Seo Ah-ri (Park Gyu-young) was revealed to have faked her death for revenge’s sake. With Ah-ri completely retired from the influencer life, one question remains: will there be a season two for Celebrity?

Netflix hasn’t officially greenlit a second season of Celebrity (yet). Although many K-drama fans were happy with the first season, there doesn’t really seem to be a need for a sequel. 

What’s Next for Ah-ri?

Ah-ri looked content after retreating into private life, and her influencer days have earned her enough. But Ah-ri’s social media accounts are still open, and many people are waiting for her to return after her thrilling exposé of the Gabin Society.

Someone else could take over Ah-ri’s accounts, and it could lead to a different story. Will that next person remain consistent with their principles after reaching Ah-ri’s level of success? It’s a question for the next season, assuming Netflix agrees to renew the show.

But most importantly, do Ah-ri and Han Jun-kyung (Kang Min-hyuk) end up together? This was implied after he ran to her side when he found out that Ah-ri’s death was nothing more than a stunt. They’re different from each other, yet fans couldn’t get enough of this power couple on screen. Their relationship had been sidetracked by all the influencer drama of the first season, and fans are hoping to finally see them happily together.

Maybe, if Netflix renewes the show for a second season, they will.

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