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Netflix January 2018: Goodbye Mean Girls, Addams Family; Hello Batman, Bring It On, & More

Stop trying to make January happen.

What will keep you occupied in January as you hide under the covers and wait for the freezing cold weather to end (unless you're one of those lucky people who lives where that doesn't happen)? Here's the full list of what Netflix will have on order to kick off 2018, but beware: This month is also your last chance to watch some classic favorites.

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When Are We Going to Start Holding the Complicit Accountable?

No One Gets a Pass

Netflix has reportedly fired the executive who unknowingly told one of Danny Masterson's alleged rape victims that nothing had been done about the The Ranch star because they don't believe his accusers. But when are they going to fire the executives who were actually in charge of keeping Masterson employed?

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Things We Saw Today: Jada Pinkett Smith Calls Out the Hollywood Foreign Press For Refusing to Even Watch Girls Trip

There were plenty of snubs in the Golden Globes nominations, but Jada Pinkett Smith has some words for the Hollywood Foreign Press specifically regarding Girls Trip. Not only are a lot of people upset over the lack of nominations for the movie and Tiffany Haddish–"hands down the funniest person on screen in 2017"–in particular, but Pinkett-Smith says she couldn't even get voters to watch the movie.

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Should We Care That Netflix Knows Everything About Our Viewing Habits?

A tweet from Netflix poking fun at the 53 users they said watched "A Christmas Prince" every day for the past 18 days "went viral," as the kids say, and provoked questions about just how much data Netflix has stockpiled about our binge-watching, and who has access to it.

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Season Two of Netflix’s The Crown Tackles Women in Power, Toxic Masculinity & The Modernization of the Royal Family

"The question is how can you forgive yourself?'

I don't think Netflix's The Crown could have asked for a better advertisement than the Royal Engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Things We Saw Today: The New Ready Player One Trailer Shows Us More of the OASIS

Warner Bros. has unveiled the new trailer for Ready Player One, and we get to see a lot more of the OASIS in this one.

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Things We Saw Today: We Know When Jessica Jones Is Coming Back, and We’ve Got a New Trailer!

We've got a new trailer for Season Two of Jessica Jones, and a release date! The new season will land on Netflix on March 8, 2018, and it looks like it will deal just as heavily with trauma and recovery as the first did.

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How Netflix’s Easy Explores Feminist Policing and Ownership of Female Bodies in “Lady Cha Cha”

The reality is, everyone is going to have their own standards when it comes to evaluating and identifying with feminism, which may be contrary to others’ views (certainly I have mine, as I’m sure you do as well). But it’s how we choose to empower ourselves amid a cesspool of male toxicity that will define us.

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“It’s Hard to Imagine a Bright Future”: Black Mirror Season 4 Gets a Trailer

Netflix's new Black Mirror trailer is the bleakest use Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" ever.

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Danny Masterson, Accused of Raping Four Women, Has Been “Written Out” of Netflix’s The Ranch

Netflix announced that they "have written Danny Masterson out of The Ranch," after knowing for months that Masterson is being investigated by the LAPD for the rapes of four women.

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Hypocrite Netflix Execs “Don’t Believe” Danny Masterson’s Four Accusers

Netflix is still standing by Danny Masterson, who's been accused of raping four women. Asked why the company hasn't acted, one exec said, "We don't believe them."

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Robin Wright Will Star in Final Season of Netflix’s House of Cards Finally Making Me Care About That Show Again

There aren't very many "bright sides" in this eternal shit-show we seem to be living in, but today we finally got one in the form of Queen of Stone-Cold Badassery, Robin Wright. Looks like House of Cards will be moving forward for its sixth and final season...with her as the show's lead.

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Netflix Releases the Altered Carbon Trailer, and I’m Still Not Sure How They’ll Handle The Asian-Mind-In-A-White-Body Plot

Netflix announced the premiere date for Altered Carbon, its 10-episode adaptation of Richard K. Morgan's cyberpunk novel, with a brand-new trailer. But this adaptation brings up some serious questions about representation.

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Netflix’s 13 Days of Black Mirror Give Us Plenty of New Trailers, But Still No Release Date

Netflix continues the parade of trailers for its 13 Days of Black Mirror promotion. So does this end with a release date, with the episodes airing, or what?

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Netflix Snatches The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Away From The CW With a Two-Season Order

We know we were excited about the possibilities when it was announced that Archie Comics' most magical character, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, would be getting her own live-action TV show on The CW as a sort of companion show to Riverdale. Apparently, Netflix was excited for the possibilities, too! So excited, that they swooped in to claim the show for themselves with an offer the producers couldn't refuse.

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Everything New on Netflix that Will Tickle Your Fancy in December


What will you be watching as the weather grows ever colder and carols take over every speaker at every store? We've got you covered.

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The Complex Queerness of Nola Darling in Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It

It has been refreshing seeing the show tackle issue like street harassment, gentrification and explore alternative sexual/romantic relationships. Insecure tackled it this season with Molly and her childhood friend turned bae, Dro. Yet, when I watched the trailer for the series the aspect of Nola's character I was most interested in was the part where she calls herself a "polyamorous pansexual." How would this series tackle Nola as a queer black woman? Well, let's discuss.

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Women Speak Out Against Catcalling in She’s Gotta Have It Featurette

In a featurette titled "My Name Isn't..." from Netflix, "the show's star, creative team, thought leaders, and NYU students came together to share their stories".

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Things We Saw Today: Godless Doesn’t Live Up to Its “No Man’s Land” Promotion

Godless Doesn't Live Up to It's "No Man's Land" Promotion, Green Lantern writers eyeing a new actor for GL, Issa Rae stays winning, Chris Grady teaches everyone to be a great guy and Sesame Street does a fun Stranger Things parody.

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Can the “Teen Sex Comedy” Genre Survive the Consent Era Reckoning?

As we enter into this new era of awareness around issues of consent and sexual assault and harassment, it seems inevitable that we’ll see some changes in the media we consume. I’ve seen and heard some conversations recently, both online and IRL, lamenting that movies and TV are going to have to get less “sexy,” […]

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