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Max and Eleven’s Bond in Stranger Things Season 3 Is the Ultimate Feminist Female Friendship

Following a disappointing second season that did some of its women dirty, Stranger Things is back with the ultimate FFF, a.k.a. feminist female friendship. After that embarrassing attempt at pitting Max and Eleven against each other for all the wrong reasons, Stranger Things has given us the empowering relationship we deserved all along.

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13 Reasons Why Finally Editing Down Graphic Suicide Scene

After years of backlash, controversy, and discourse about what it means to graphically depict suicide, especially in media directed at teenagers, the Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why has decided to edit down the scene where its main character, Hannah Barker, dies of suicide.

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Stranger Things Has To Grow Beyond Hawkins In Season Four

It can't be Eggos forever.

Stranger Things has a repetition problem. So far, all three seasons have followed the same pattern: the Upside Down comes to town, a monster haunts Hawkins, and Eleven does her best to save the day.

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Zack Snyder Making Norse Mythology Anime for Netflix Seems Oddly Fitting

Zack Snyder is making an anime series for Netflix based on Norse mythology.

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Noah Schnapp Says Will’s Sexuality in Stranger Things Is “Really up to the Audience”

"It’s not my fault you don’t like girls," the line that launched a ton of questions in Stranger Things season three.

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Friends Is Leaving Netflix, Sorry You’ll Have to Watch Better TV Shows?

Literally, there are other shows out there that are ten times better than Friends. Just watch something else.

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Stranger Things 3 Tries to Do Better by Female Characters, but Still Has a Ways to Go

Stranger Things has always had a bit of a problem with women. Eleven has had some great moments, but too often Joyce, Nancy, and Max are treated like secondary characters by the narrative.

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Neil Gaiman Gave Everyone Some Insight Into the Sandman Netflix Series

When in doubt, check Neil Gaiman's Twitter.

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Let’s Celebrate One Day at a Time Being Saved By Pop TV

#SaveODAAT worked!

Some times, Netflix makes horrible decisions. Thankfully, Pop TV is here to rectify one of their worst ideas.

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Everything That Netflix and Hulu Are Sending Our Way in July

Netflix and Hulu are bringing in a lot of new content to break up your the summer doldrums. With highly-anticipated originals like the next season of Netflix's Stranger Things and Hulu's Veronica Mars revival, to more movies arriving than you can shake a Caddyshack golf club at, here's what we'll be watching soon.

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NBC Universal Is Paying $500 Million to Pull The Office From Netflix

Staying alive-ah-ah-ah-ah.

NBCUniversal will be removing The Office from Netflix in 2021. Who else is nervous for their bank account with all these new streaming services?

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The Romcom Renaissance Is Thriving on Netflix

Netflix isn’t striking out into exhilarating new territory with each new entry into its ever growing romantic comedy category, but when they find that right amount of magic, it soars, and there’s value in uplifting a genre that so often has been torn down by audiences and studios alike as being a lesser form of storytelling.

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Monsters Attack the Mall in the Final Trailer for Season 3 of Stranger Things

Interdimensional creatures, like us, can't get enough Orange Julius.

With less than two weeks to go until the premiere of season three of Stranger Things, Netflix has dropped a new trailer that gives us a glimpse at what's in store for the not-so-sleepy town of Hawkins.

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Netflix “Cancels” Good Omens, Amazon Fires Back, and the Internet Is Good, Actually

The war against petitions and Good Omens rages on.

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Season 3 of Jessica Jones Wrestles With Heroism, Family, and Expectations

Everyone wants to be a hero on Jessica Jones.

After years of fighting it, season 3 finally sees Jessica embrace her goodness, and the world is better for it.

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Death Comes Again as Russian Doll Gets a Season 2

Natasha Lyonne dying in increasingly creative ways isn't exactly a joy to watch (maybe because I love Natasha Lyonne too much) but we get to live in the loop all over again with Russian Doll season two.

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The Trailer for Season 3 of Jessica Jones Teases a Sinister New Villain

Plus a new costume for Trish "Hellcat" Walker.

The first trailer for season three of Netflix's Jessica Jones teases a new villain and a new look for Trish Walker. As Jones says in voice-over, “Everybody’s a got a story: A beginning, a middle, an end.”

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Netflix’s Easy Offers a Perfect Post-MeToo Lesson on Empathy

As more and more women and men come forward with their stories of sexual abuse, pop culture is mirroring this powerful revolution in movies and TV series. One of the latest shows to follow in the footsteps of real-life survivors is Netflix-original anthology series Easy, and it’s a lesson of empathy everyone should keep in mind.

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Netflix & Russo Brothers Are Turning Magic: The Gathering Into an Animated Series

Netflix has just announced a Magic: The Gathering animated series, produced by the Russo Brothers, based on the popular card game series.

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Top Picks Coming to Netflix and Hulu in June

Summer is finally here, so let's draw the shades and stay indoors!

Between network, cable, and streaming channels, there's no shortage of content out there for us indoor kids.

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