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‘The Boys’ Is Building Up To Something Big as Supe and Human Tensions Boil Over

After the shocking ending of The Boys season 4, episode 6, “Dirty Business,” viewers will be eager to know when to expect the next episode.

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The Boys season 4 has just two episodes left, meaning they are bound to be jam-packed with action and surprising reveals. While the season had a bit of a slower start than usual, it has been slowly but steadily building up for something big. In the latest episode, it is finally revealed that both the supes and humans have potentially devastating plans in store for one another. On the one hand, The Boys discover that Homelander (Anthony Starr) and Sister Sage (Susan Heyward) have plans to begin rounding up humans who disagree with supes or pose a threat to their power and put them in internment camps. If their plan works, it’s not hard to see this becoming a genocide of the human race.

On the other hand, Butcher (Karl Urban) is still preoccupied with the idea of a virus that kills supes. However, he recently learned that enhancing the virus to make it strong enough to kill Homelander will also strengthen its contagiousness. It will be a highly contagious, airborne disease that would likely start a global pandemic and kill every single supe on earth. Essentially, he’d be instigating a genocide to counter the supes’ plans to imprison and murder humans. With both sides threatening genocide, Butcher facing death, and Homelander growing more unhinged, the next episode should be fairly explosive.

When does The Boys season 4 episode 7 drop?

Fortunately, viewers don’t have to wait too long for the next episode of The Boys. The Boys season 4, episode 7, “Insider,” will drop at the show’s regular time slot on Thursday, July 11, at 12:00 AM PT/3:00 AM ET on Prime Video. While the episode does not yet have a preview or synopsis, there are several pressing storylines it will likely continue. Viewers can expect the topic of internment camps and the virus to reach more urgency in the episode. Additionally, we’re still waiting for answers on Butcher’s condition as Temp V continues to wreak havoc on his body.

Given the title, one can’t help but wonder if the episode will heavily focus on A-Train (Jessie T. Usher). Over the course of season 4, he has gradually become M.M.’s (Laz Alonso) “insider” or mole. He’s the sole supe on the Seven who has provided inside information to the M.M.’s team. Homelander and Sage have been getting dangerously close to pinning A-Train as the mole, although they were temporarily thrown off track when another man was framed for the Seven’s leaks. However, by the end of episode 6, Homelander is aware that someone else is the culprit.

Some viewers are concerned that a tragic death may be awaiting A-Train. Although his activities are getting dangerous, it seems he’s finally becoming a “real” hero. Hopefully, his story isn’t just being built up to give him a hero’s death. We’ll likely learn more about what direction The Boys will take his story when the next episode drops.

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