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Unicef’s Newet Mascot, Mr.Poo, Dances And Sings For A Good Cause

Ain't no party like Unicef's "PooParty animation" because a "Poo Party animation" creates change.

Public defecation in India has a serious effect on health and hygiene. Now UNICEF is saying "Enough of this shit" in a very silly way, using a personified dollop of poo with its own music video to encourage people to take their "Poo2Loo", i.e., drop their kids off in the pool rather than leaving them out on the street to choreograph dance numbers.

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Japanese Company Introduces Smartphone Controlled Toilet [Video]

Japanese toilets are famously ridiculous, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. It's a lot like if someone made a version of Pimp My Ride, but for toilets. They have features like heated seats, sound effects, and power lids. One company has just taken the toilet game to the next level. Manufacturer Lilix is launching three new toilet models that can be controlled using an Android smartphone. Now you don't have to just use your phone on the toilet. You can use your phone to control your toilet.

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One in Three Young People Are Updating Their Facebook Status While On The Toilet

Between ads taking over your newsfeed, engagement announcements that leave you feeling even more single, and the yammerings of people you really should have unfriended back in high school, there are plenty of things to complain about in the social media environment these days. On the other hand, there's an argument that we should all just be glad that we're not seeing more updates about our friends' bowel movements, because considering how many of us are tweeting from the toilet, it's a mercy that verges on the miraculous. According to a report by Nielsen, one third of people between the ages of 18 and 24 use social networks while they are using the bathroom, a statistic which can also be read as "two thirds of people between the ages of 18 and 24 are totally lying to Nielsen."

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Bill Gates Funds Project to Create Potable Toilet Water

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded a project by Manchester University researcher Sarah Haigh with the end goal of making toilet water safe to drink, as well as being able to have energy extracted from it. Don't tell your dog just yet, but Patches may have some high quality water to sneak from the bathroom when you aren't looking sometime in the future.

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Today in Ridiculous Concept Toilets: The iPoo

Finally: A toilet that combines the functional elegance of Apple products with something you poop in. Created by designer and programmer Milos Paripovic, this concept for a sleek toilet is meant to play on the (rather tired) joke about the cost of Apple products. In his own words, "This toilet has exactly the same function as any other toilet and costs only twice as much for the same performance[.]" I disagree. If Apple were to make a toilet, it would surely cost an arm and a leg but it would be the most satisfying toilet experience imaginable. See more images, after the break.

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Bill Gates Endeavoring to Reinvent the Toilet, Says Nothing About the Fate of the Wheel

Bill Gates revolutionized the computing world with Windows and now, instead of moving on to the related field of Doors, or Fake Wood Paneling, he is now turning some of his attention to reinventing the toilet. He'll probably do a good job too; his experience with Microsoft Operating Systems makes him uniquely qualified to deal with crap. Zing. Kidding aside, Gates' new $42 million Reinventing the Toilet Challenge is actually a social-conscious, altruistic attempt to bring higher levels of sanitation to developing countries, where easily preventable illnesses cost millions of lives each year, mostly those of infants. As part of this campaign, the Global Development Program at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is putting out the call to, and coughing up the funding for, eight different research universities that will be trying to develop the "new" toilet. His goals for this new toilet are none-to-simple either. The perfect candidate will be able to take in waste and produce clean water, energy and/or nutrients all without electricity, running water or a sewer system at its disposal(ha!). Oh and also, they need to be easy to install and can't cost more than $0.05 a day to maintain. Ready? Go! If he can get someone to pull of that kind of miracle, I would really love to see him tackle something like the wheel, or a stable operating system. I do run Windows, by the way. Check out a punny, slightly gross, but informational promo-video for the project below.

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