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Micro Center Sponsors YouTuber to Make a PC Out of His Toilet

Would that we were all as forward-thinking as this guy.

YouTuber Basically Homeless sits on his toilet, which has a PC in the tank, and plays PC games.

Galileo Galilei. Marie Curie. Albert Einstein. Mae Jemison. History glitters with great minds who pushed the cutting edge of science for the betterment of our world. Now someone new has joined their ranks: the YouTuber known as Basically Homeless, who has transformed his toilet into a gaming PC.

Basically Homeless is partnered with the computer retailer Micro Center, which recently paid him to build a gaming PC inside a toilet tank — while making sure the toilet still functioned as a toilet. Why? Why would you ask why? Why not? Why did we go to the moon or invent Tamagotchis? It’s human nature to reach bravely for the unknown.

Basically Homeless learned the fundamentals of plumbing, shopped around for a toilet tank that was big enough to fit both the water tank and the PC, and then learned how to cut porcelain apart so that he could make the thing. He made sure to include a clear window in the front of the tank so that you can see both the toilet parts and the computer, instead of taking him at his word that there’s a computer in there somewhere. You can see it in the preview screen in the video at the bottom of this post: the water tank is the small box in front with the white pipe in it, and the PC is the black and neon green thing behind it. The fan is installed in the lid of the tank. Notice that the top of the water tank is barely higher than the water level itself, so if there were an earthquake, water would slosh all over the PC. Basically Homeless lives dangerously.

The guy then toted the thing downstairs to a bathroom that would fit the new toilet, and installed a shelf for his mouse and a monitor on the wall. (Honestly, installing a TV in front of your toilet is already galaxy brain level stuff for me. Why are we all watching TV on our phones while we poop, like pointless incompetent jerks, when we could be enjoying our BMs in front of a high def screen? Honestly, that setup might cure my IBS.) He then hooked the toilet up to the pipes and, after promising viewers several times that he did not test for leaks before sticking several hundred dollars’ worth of hardware in there, he filled up the tank.

Which promptly leaked! But it’s okay! Because he blasted all the joints with sealant and tried again, successfully. Et voilà — a working, playable toilet PC! This guy is an absolute king, a giant among gamers.

Now if someone would trick out my toilet with a mini fridge and an espresso machine, I could finally live my best life.

(image: Basically Homeless, via YouTube)

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