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Deleted Scene Reveals at Least One Beauty and the Beast Servant Became a Toilet


Beauty and the Beast, like many children’s classics involving magic, becomes a little terrifying when you think about the implications for a bit too long. Do the furniture people have parts that correlate with their human organs? Is it cruel and painful for them when the Beast and Belle use their bodies to complete domestic tasks?

One of the questions at the top of the list is did someone become a toilet? and the follow-up how upsetting was that and were they ever used? Entertainment Weekly shared one of the deleted scene from the recent live-action movie, which director Bill Condon explains were cut due to running time or tonal shifts, Josh Gad’s LeFou runs into a toilet in the middle the final battle, only to be met with an angry living toilet before uttering a punny, “Oh, shiii-.”

Condon says that the deleted scenes you’ll be able to watch on the Beauty and the Beast DVD contain some of his favorite moments, and I really hope this is one of them because it is amazing to imagine him and a team debating whether or not to keep the angry toilet scene in the film.

That’s no doubt a terrifying incident for LeFou who will likely have some unresolved fears about restrooms now, but not nearly as traumatic as being a toilet for an entire decade. If the toilet ever got a song, it’d be way less charming or fun than “Be Our Guest.” That servant, by far, is the real victim of this Disney tale.

(via io9, Image: screencap)

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