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The White House Abruptly Fired Its Chief Usher, Who Just Happens to Be a Woman

We're sure that's unrelated to her dismissal. Yup.

Angela Reid was the first woman and the second African American to hold the prestigious position of White House Chief Usher. But when her colleagues arrived at work today, they were told that Reid's time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was over.

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That Just Went From Bad to Worse: Major Media Outlets Have Been Banned From White House Press Briefings

This is not normal.

There's a word for that.

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Cabinet Office Light Switches Prove Too Complicated for Trump’s Aides, So They Work in the Dark

Q: How many aides does it take to change a lightbulb? A: I don't know, but let's give this crushing darkness a chance.

I'm not even kidding when I say that they're totally in the dark about the most basic tenets of the law: Trump's aides don't know how to turn on the light in the cabinet room.

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White House Closed Public Comment Lines, So the Public’s Just Calling the Other White House(s)…Trump’s Properties

It used to be, in a time long ago, that the most surefire way to make your voice was heard by your elected officials would be to call them. Writing letters and emails is great, but whether one answers them or has to go through each voicemail message, calls have to be dealt with individually. Unless, of course, you're in the Trump administration, in which case you don't think you have to deal with anything, including Congress, and you just shut off the White House's public comment line.

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Things We Saw Today: Cover for Marvel’s America #2 Brings Us Life

Joe Quinones shared a peek at his cover for issue #2 of America, Marvel's comic centered on the always-awesome America Chavez.

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POTUS, VP Won’t Visit College Campuses That Ineffectually Handle Sexual Assault Allegations

This extends to "top members of the administration — including the president, the vice president, their wives and members of the Cabinet", according to the White House.

In a recent statement from White House officials made to the Washington Post, certain "top members of the [Obama] administration--including the president, the vice president, their wives and members of the Cabinet"—will no longer visit college campuses that are found to be ineffectually handling sexual assault allegations from their students, faculty and staff.

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The Obamas Celebrated Star Wars Day by Raising the Roof With Some Stormtroopers

The Obamas Celebrated Star Wars Day by Raising the Roof With Stormtroopers

On May 4th, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama showed off their moves at the White House, dancing with some stormtroopers and R2-D2 to the tunes of Bruno Mars (I’m too Hoth/Hoth damn!). Obama’s choice to raise the roof could have been a diplomatic disaster considering the recent destruction of Starkiller base—for many stormtroopers, […]

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Things We Saw Today: Aladdin & Jasmine Riding a Skateboard—Err, Magic Carpet—Through San Francisco

PrankvsPrank's Jesse Wellens and cosplayer Jessica Shanholtz did their best Aladdin and Jasmine while riding through San Francisco on this magic carpet -- probably a boosted board, not to ruin the illusion or anything.

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Watch Yesterday’s White House Hamilton Performance & Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Freestyle with Obama


The Hamilton cast made a trip down to Washington, D.C. this week where they were introduced by President Obama before giving a livestreamed performance of the show at the White House.

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Raffi Freedman-Gurspan Becomes White House’s First Transgender LGBTQ+ Liason

In the summer of last year, we were thrilled to see that the White House had hired its first transgender staffer in Raffi Freedman-Gurspan. Now, it seems that Freedman-Gurspan is continuing to move up, having been promoted into a new position.

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106-Year-Old Virginia McLaurin Meets the Obamas at the White House

President Obama tries to slow 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin as she runs over to say hello to First Lady Michelle and dances her way through the White House, but McLaurin is much too excited--she even did her nails!

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The White House Reaches Peak “Youths” and Joins Snapchat

Those are some mighty fine apples there.

Can you imagine Obama "doin' it for the snap"?

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Obama Tells the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team that “Playing Like a Girl Means You’re a Badass”


"They’ve inspired millions of girls to dream bigger and, by the way, inspired millions of boys to look at girls differently, which is just as important."

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Ahmed Mohamed Chilled With Astronauts, Met Obama at Yesterday’s White House Astronomy Night

The White House has an Astronomy Night?

Obama invited Ahmed Mohamed back in September to bring his homemade clock to the White House, and last night Ahmed finally got a chance to meet the Prez in person (alongside astronauts and NASA scientists!) at the White House's second-ever Astronomy Night.

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White House Hires First Openly Transgender Staffer — and She’s a Jewish Trans Woman of Color

And she's not alone in the administration!

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan was already a prominent activist for transgender rights and was the policy adviser at the National Center for Transgender Equality. Now, she's worked her way up to the most famous address in the US - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - becoming the first openly transgender staffer at the White House.

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Michelle Obama Talks Facing Double Standards and Defying Expectation

"Was I too loud or too emasculating? Or was I too soft? Too much of a mom and not enough of a career woman?”

During a commencement speech at Tuskegee University in Alabama on Saturday, First Lady Michelle Obama talked about the varying standards women are expected to live up to, and the racist scrutiny she received in the run-up the 2008 election.

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Obama Hung With Supergirl Scouts at This Year’s White House Science Fair

Everything's coming up Supergirl.

Look at that tiny Supergirl's face, America! We can never do anything to disappoint her, ever!

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Obama Broke Presidential Decree, Wore a Tiara to Hang With Girl Scouts at White House Science Fair

Happy is the head that wears the crown.

This year's Fair placed a particular emphasis on women in STEM, so it's gratifying to imagine what an inspiring experience attending must have been for members of the Troop, and exciting that Obama (who showed his support of girls in science at a Marine Corps event earlier this month) agreed to pose for the picture--especially since he's refused similar requests in the past.

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Obama Supports Girls in Science, Refuses to Gender Toys At Annual Christmas Event

It's a White House miracle!

This December marked the first time that President Obama participated in the Marine’s Toys for Tots program by helping the First Lady divide donated gifts into "girl" and "boy" bins. But the President, who first declared “I’m the big elf [...] I’m like Will Ferrell," surprised some of the crowd with his refusal to gender sports equipment, video games, and LEGO.

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Women In STEM, the White House Wants to Hear Your Stories!

And we do too, by the by.

Of the many reasons why STEM fields aren't traditionally dominated by women, perceived lack of relevant role models might be the easiest to fix. After all, it's not like incredible female scientists haven't already made significant achievements in their fields ; more often, they're just not given the credit they deserve.

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