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The Obamas Celebrated Star Wars Day by Raising the Roof With Some Stormtroopers

The Obamas Celebrated Star Wars Day by Raising the Roof With Stormtroopers


On May 4th, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama showed off their moves at the White House, dancing with some stormtroopers and R2-D2 to the tunes of Bruno Mars (I’m too Hoth/Hoth damn!). Obama’s choice to raise the roof could have been a diplomatic disaster considering the recent destruction of Starkiller basefor many stormtroopers, “the roof is on fire” has troubling connotationsbut luckily the President’s dancing didn’t lead to an intergalactic conflict.

Of course, I guess it’s a little disconcerting to see the President getting along so well with soldiers of the First Order, but R2 was there, too, and I trust R2 to keep everyone in line. Thankfully everyone’s favorite droid and the stormtroopers were able to put their differences aside in honor of May 4th, that most holy of holidays.

The POTUS/TR-8R dance-off is one of just many endearing appearances from the President and First Lady recently. The President delivered an impressive speech at the Correspondents’ Dinner last weekend, and he and The First Lady hosted Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton in March for a live performance of some songs from the Tony-nominated musical.

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