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Several Good Reasons to Save the Galaxy—or at Least Dark Matter

Would you like to save the galaxy but you don’t know how? Well, you can start by saving the canceled show Dark Matter.

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Syfy Has Cancelled Dark Matter, Renewed Killjoys for Final Two Seasons

Dark Matter has been cancelled by Syfy, but Killjoys will get two more seasons to wrap up its story.

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Things We Saw Today: Zazie Beetz Looks Amazing as Domino in Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds shared a first look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2 who looks amazing and I'm so excited for Deadpool 2.

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Krypton Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Superman, It’s Superman’s Grandparents

"The blood of House El will always bind us together." In a new teaser, DC Comics and SyFy unveiled a first look at the world of Krypton in their upcoming show about the El lineage and legacy. 

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Syfy’s Blood Drive Is Disgusting and Over the Top, If You’re Into That

Syfy's new grindhouse show Blood Drive has absolutely no subtlety or restraint in its deranged violence, and that's kind of the point.

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Things We Saw Today: Sing Along to the Steven Universe Soundtrack This Summer

Sugar says that "this is the best they've ever sounded" and hopes fans will "Please blast them! Please sing along! That's what these are for!"

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Things We Saw Today: Want a Hook Prequel About Rufio? Start Up the Chant!

Dante Basco, who played Rufio in Hook back in 1991, has started up a Kickstarter to fund a short prequel movie about his character.

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Things We Saw Today: Keanu Reeves Shared Some Excellent Bill & Ted 3 Plot Details

Graham Norton got Keanu Reeves talking about the possible plot for the (honestly inevitable) Bill & Ted 3 movie.

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In “Nobody Asked For This” News: There’s Another Sharknado Movie in the Works

Great news for aficionados of tornadoes filled with sharks: Another Sharknado movie is in the works.

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Exclusive: Fillory Isn’t Everything It’s Cracked Up to Be in This Video for The Magicians Season 2

The Magicians season 2 premieres January 25th. If you can't wait til then, then maybe this rad video and these really sweet character photos will help tide you over.

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The Expanse Season Two Trailers Show That Despite Colonizing Mars, Humanity Hasn’t Come Very Far At All

So much sci-fi is set in an idealized future in which humanity has figured everything out; in which our only enemies are those outside our species and humanity is a beacon to which other species should aspire. SyFy's The Expanse is not that show. This show is all about reminding us that technological advancement and evolution as a species don't necessarily have anything to do with each other.

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SyFy Orders Superstition, Your New Favorite Show About a Creepy Small Town, To Series

There's nothing creepier than a small town full of secrets which might explain why Syfy ordered Superstition to a series of 13 episodes.

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The Magicians Season 2 Trailer Shows That Even After Last Season, Things Can Always Get Worse

This trailer for season 2 of The Magicians, just released by Syfy, shows that even after the cliffhanger ending of last season, things aren't quite as bad as they might seem. They're worse.

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Interview: Killjoys‘ Tamsen McDonough Talks Fan Experiences, Playing a Spaceship & Being Part of the MCU

I fangirled hard while talking with McDonough, the voice of Lucy the Spaceship on Syfy's big damn space western Killjoys.

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Syfy Shares Creepy-as-Heck Trailer for Channel Zero: Candle Cove

Based on an old creepypasta. I know, right?

Spooky month continues with Syfy's latest trailer for Channel Zero: Candle Cove, a new miniseries based on a popular old Creepypasta about an old non-existent television channel that convinced children to do scary, terrible things.

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s New Series for Syfy Follows a Futuristic Company Man

And features a lot of recognizable faces!

That’s right–Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are the executive producers on a new series for Syfy–which, frankly, has been killing it with its original programming lately, from Wynonna Earp to The Expanse. This new series is called Incorporated, and in addition to Affleck and Damon is also being executive produced by The Good Wife‘s Ted […]

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A Tale of Two Magicians: How SyFy’s TV Adaptation Left Alice Quinn Behind

When I read the first installment of the Magicians series, I dug book Alice even more than I had on TV—and realized that SyFy's Alice didn’t get the ending she deserved. And it’s hard to pinpoint why.

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Writing From the Id: How SyFy’s The Magicians Surpassed the Books by Depicting Realistic Trauma

I don’t think Grossman meant to have Julia be a "woman in a refrigerator" in his books. I think he believed he was killing his darling. But when given a second chance, Grossman and the TV writers armed her with tragic power and made her story better.

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Wynonna Earp is Returning for Season Two


Wynonna Earp is amazing, hilarious, unflinching television and I for one am super pumped that it's coming back because we need more shows like it on our screens. Congratulations to the whole Wynonna Earp cast and crew on this renewal!

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Wynonna Earp Recap: Episode 13, “I Walk the Line”

After just a deluge of heartache, Wynonna Earp and its fans have really been the beacon on the horizon of what queer inclusive and female fronted shows and fandom can be. I know fans are nervous about its chances for renewal. The show’s ratings have been less than what we would have hoped for, but a passionate and dedicated fanbase sure has made this little Canadian show hard to ignore.

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