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Supergirl #25‘s Cover Art Features a Disturbingly Skinny Girl of Steel

Guys, what exactly is going on here?

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Warner Bros. Supergirl Will Be a Period Film Set in the 1970’s

More historical superhero films please!

While Supergirl is still in the early stages, it's been reported that the movie will be an origin story that takes place in the 1970's.

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As Henry Cavill Possibly Exits, DC Movies Rumored to Focus More on Supergirl

And after 'Wonder Woman,' can you blame them?

Now, give us a movie where Diana, Kara, and Barbara all team up to fight evil and we'll have a real winner. Do it, DC. 

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Nicole Maines Speaks on Going from Real Life Superhero to TV’s First Trans Superhero

"It feels fitting to say with great power comes great responsibility."

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Warner Bros. Is Developing a Supergirl Movie So Let’s Get to Fancasting!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's wild speculation!

Supergirl is headed to the movies: Warner Bros. and DC have begun developing a feature film centered on Kara Zor-El.

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The 3 Biggest Missed Opportunities in Supergirl Season 3

Three disappointing story arcs stand out as weak spots where the season could have soared if only things had played out a little differently.  

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Supergirl Created a Beautiful Black Storyline with J’onn and M’yrnn J’onzz

David Harewood and Carl Lumbly (as J'onn and M'yrnn J'onzz) created a perfect black father-son storyline on Supergirl.

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#TeamLenaLuthor: The Case for Carrying Kryptonite

While I'm not one for the "someone kills Lois and therefore Clark goes evil" narrative, the reality is that a neutral organization should have access to Kryptonite.

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Check Out the Latest Badass Female Characters to Be Immortalized in Joëlle Jones’ DC Cover Girls Collection

C2E2 is still going strong in Chicago, and geeks from all over the world are stocking up on all sorts of awesome swag and toys from their favorite fandoms. One of our favorite artists, Eisner-nominated Joëlle Jones announced yesterday during the DC Universe panel, that the mischievous Catwoman will be the latest DC character to star in her DC Cover Girls statue line by DC Collectibles!

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When Is James Olsen Going to Be a Real Character on Supergirl?

It's been three seasons!

James Olsen deserves better and after almost three seasons, it's time for something to change. 

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Supergirl Review: Kara Needs Balance as We Head Toward a “Legion of Superheroes”/Worldkillers Showdown

Let's get into S3, Episode 10: "Legion of Superheroes."

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Melissa Benoist & Emily Bett Rickards Tweet Support for Women Who Speak Out After Andrew Kreisberg Suspension

Supergirl's Melissa Benoist and Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards tweeted out statements against sexual harassment and though they do not name suspended producer Andrew Kreisberg, they make it very clear where they stand on the matter.

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“How It Should Have Ended” Makes Wonder Woman Even Better By Adding Batgirl and Supergirl

The "How It Should Have Ended" team gave us the DC superhero team-up we deserve, uniting Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman in their imagined alternate ending.

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Who Run the World? (Super)Girls!

Supergirl had its ups and downs this season, but towards the end there, it wasn’t just great television, it was important television.

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Supergirl Adds Odette Annable as Series Regular in a Story Straight Out of the New 52

Now that Supergirl is firmly settled into its home at The CW, the show already has big Season 3 plans, including a version of a huge story from Supergirl's New 52 comic that will deliver next season's "Big Bad."

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Things We Saw Today: The Hulk’s Skull Bed from Thor: Ragnarok

Visitors to the the "Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe" exhibit at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) have tweeted some pictures of the Hulk's truly absurd bed from Thor: Ragnarok.

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Interview: Mariko Tamaki and Joëlle Jones Focus More On the “Girl” and Less On the “Super” In Supergirl: Being Super

I've become obsessed with all things Supergirl. However, as much as I love Kara, I've often felt that, because of the circumstances of her backstory she, unlike her cousin Clark, has often felt even less human, as lots of attention has been paid to the fact that the character left Krypton as a teenager, and so feels the separation from her homeworld more. Supergirl: Being Super gives us a different Kara Danvers entirely.

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The Flash Mob: “Invasion” Didn’t Deliver the Superhero Dream Team We Hoped For

It's Day Two of the Berlantiverse's mega four-show superhero crossover event and things...are not well.

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Little Girl Shows Us What Supergirl’s Grade School Photos Might Look Like

Happy Adorable Kids Dressed Like Superheroes Day!

For school picture day, Kaylieann Steinbach wanted to dress up as one of her favorite heroes: Supergirl. Thanks to some totally down parents and a really nice school photographer, she got her wish.

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Melissa Benoist Very Not Worried About Superman Taking Focus Away From Supergirl

Not even a little bit.

Everyone's pretty excited about Superman finally coming to The CW's Supergirl, if only because not having him and instead representing him only with text messages and boots was getting kind of silly—or started kind of silly and was getting completely distracting. It's still Supergirl's show, though, and star Melissa Benoist couldn't be less worried about maintaining the show's focus.

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