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How Are We Still Having the “Strong Female Character” Debate?

I'm not sure when the term "strong female character" was coined and the subsequent debate over its meaning and usage began, but it feels like it was far too long ago for us to have progressed so little in this conversation.

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Twitter Did Not Hold Back in Responding to James Cameron’s Wonder Woman Criticism

Sure, James Cameron. Let's talk about objectified female leads and "self-congratulatory back-patting." You seem to be an expert on both.

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Empowering “Hostage Girl”: Why We Need to Subvert Woman-As-Prize Tropes

I don't want to watch women struggle against their chains and be saved—or worse, killed off to cause the men in their stories pain. That's overdone and monotonous. I want to see them in the middle of the fight kicking ass right alongside or instead of the men. I want them to get their own "Hell yeah!" moments that have to do with things they've done rather than what their male counterparts have accomplished.

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Writing For Me: How Fantasy Tropes Can Bring Out the Power of Being a Fangirl

I wanted to write a story that not only was different than what was normally told, but pointed out why diversity is important. That not only contains it, but also discusses it. I wanted to write a book that makes the readers intensely aware that it is a book. And yet still be entertaining.

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More Than “Strong”: Why Men Need to Write More Complex Female Characters

I remember when first daring to write a novel in first person with a female protagonist that I feared it wouldn’t work. I’d written about vampires, werewolves, ogres, and ghost dogs, but I was genuinely concerned that writing from the perspective of an undead, cannibal, witch woman would be beyond my abilities. That instinct says everything about how we guys (specifically cisgender ones like myself) are trained to view gender in fiction.

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6 Upcoming Female-Driven Shows I’m Already Hyped For

Time travelers and detectives and angels, oh my!

Here are the fall and midseason premieres I'm eagerly anticipating. What about you?

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Daisy Ridley Signs On as Exec. Producer of Sundance Doc Starring Young Female Heroine

Daisy Ridley can now add another awesome title to her resume. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens star has signed on as executive producer of the first film to be entered into the Kids section at the Sundance Film Festival.

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The Force Awakens Gives Us a Strong, Capable & Competent Female Character in Rey

And that's a problem... how?

In studying the preceding Star Wars films, an interesting point emerges. If Rey is a Mary Sue, she's far from being the very first one. She just happens to be a girl, and for some that's apparently a problem.

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Why Southern Cross’s Alex Braith Is the Ellen Ripley Revival You’ve Been Waiting For

Our heroine is aboard a massive spaceship that feels more like a haunted house than a piece of sci-fi technology. She’s independent and cool-headed. Her character has an agency that shows she isn’t there in service of the male characters, if anything, they end up just being background players for her. She isn’t overtly sexualized, and she isn’t there to please others. She can take on any evil that gets thrown at her. To put it simply, she’s a total BAMF.

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We Don’t Need Supergirl OR Jessica Jones. We Need Both.

The last thing we should be doing is pitting women against women, even if they're fictional characters; the world does that enough as it is. The fact that we even have two female superhero shows out right now is groundbreaking. That's what we should be redirecting the conversation towards.

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Black Canary‘s Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu Talk Writing Female Protagonists and the Music that Inspires Them

Way, way back at New York Comic-Con, we had the opportunity to talk to the thoughtful, hilarious, and incredibly creative Black Canary team, Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu. Read on for their thoughts on DC You, aggression in comics, and great songs to make art by.

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Ant-Man and The Wasp Director Peyton Reed Is Excited to Bring a “Complicated” Female Hero to Life

It’s about damn time.

We were pretty disappointed that Evangeline Lilly's Hope Van Dyne was needlessly sidelined in Ant-Man in favor of making another movie about a male superhero. Despite our dismay over the Captain Marvel movie's repeated delays, we're glad to see the Wasp finally get to do her thing—and get acknowledged in the sequel's title—and so is director Peyton Reed.

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CBS’s Supergirl Celebrates Girl Power and Girly Power

Yes, I still blast 'Fight Song' with the windows down, why do you ask?

As Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) once said in reference to her friend Kara: “A hero is not measured by what her power may be, but by the courage she shows in living, and the warmth she holds in her heart.”

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Edge of Tomorrow‘s Angel of Verdun: Nuanced Female Characters

Why we need more Rita Vrataskis.

I hate the phrase "Strong Female Character."

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Interview: Guillermo del Toro on the Future of Pacific Rim 2, His Dream to Make a Noir, and Why He Flipped the Gender Script for Crimson Peak

In which I am a nervous goober, and he is a delight.

One of the most resonant things Guillermo del Toro said during his interview with The Mary Sue is "these decisions have a weight." He was speaking specifically about the decision to give Tom Hiddleston the only significant moment of nudity in Crimson Peak, but also generally about making art that ignores conventional gender roles.

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Jessica Chastain’s List of Great Female Action Heroes Is Dead-On; Let’s Keep It Growing

Come, procrastinate with me!

Stars, they're just like us! They want more Furiosas!

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Candice Patton on The Flash‘s Iris West: “It’s Ok to See Women Be Angry”

Candice Patton is not shy about her role as reporter, Iris West, on CW’s The Flash.

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Strong Female Characters are Rarely Strong and Barely Characters

No character is capable of achieving that level of complexity while written under the assumption that a female character becomes more interesting by giving them typically masculine traits.

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Nobody’s Damsel Study Looks at Modern Female TV Characters and the People Who Love Them

Good news and bad news.

A new study on the 2014-2015 television season has some really fascinating insights into what men and women want to see from ladies on TV. The results... may surprise you.

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Lois Lane to Return in New YA Novel from Gwenda Bond

Last May, Gwenda Bond's novel Fallout, about the adventures of highschool-aged Lois Lane, helped to give the DC character some of the attention she deserves in her own right. And now, Lois is getting a sequel!

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