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Alyssa Milano Starts Survivor Hashtag #MeToo to Show the Prevalence of Sexual Violence

Trending on Twitter today is the hashtag #MeToo, a movement of women sharing their stories in order to express the magnitude of sexual assault today.

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Donald Trump Jr. Is Concern-Trolling Hollywood Over Harvey Weinstein

Following the outing of Harvey Weinstein's decades of sexual harassment and assault, Donald Trump Jr. wants us all to know that he cares more than anyone, the absolute most, and he's gonna rub his caring in all those smug Hollywood elitist liberal faces.

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Kate Winslet Awkwardly Defends Working With Woody Allen and I Awkwardly SMDH

It's not only frustrating that far too many creative men in the entertainment industry have been accused of some sort of abuse, sexual assault, or sexual misconduct, but they are also allowed to continue to have thriving careers while facing minimal consequences, if any at all, from their industry. Woody Allen is one of those men, and Kate Winslet is a frustrating example of Hollywood's ingrained, systemic sexism in action. 

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Why Are People Still Excited to Work With Woody Allen?

New images of Woody Allen's next movie, Wonder Wheel have been released, which served as the usual semi-annual reminder that he's still making movies, and that people we like and respect are still choosing to work with him.

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Teen Dating Violence and Crappy Home Lives: A Match Made In Hell

One in three teens is affected by teen dating violence. My hope is that by telling our stories and being open about what’s happening, and owning our histories, that we’ll be able to strengthen the girls (and guys) that need our help.

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Feminism Around the World: Little Hope For Justice In 2,000 Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against UN Peacekeepers

There are times when the United Nations, as an organization, seems powerful. And there are other times when the entire thing seems like a waste of time. In the case of 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse committed by U.N. peacekeepers, it seems to be one of those times.

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Summer Zervos, One of Trump’s Sexual Abuse Accusers, Is Suing Him for Defamation

Famed women's rights attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing Zervos, said "Women are not a footnote to history. They matter, we value them ... and we value women that allege that they have been the victims of injustice."

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Feminism Around the World: Paraguay Finally Investigates Decades-Old Cases of Abuse Against Young Girls

Now, in 2016, the government is finally launching an investigation into the cases of women who've come forward alleging that they were young girls who were abducted and used in this way during Stroessner's regime.

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Kesha Says She Was Offered “Freedom” If She Apologized and Withdrew Rape Claims

Kesha posted an picture on Instagram about an alleged offer on the condition she publicly retract her statements and apologized.

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Comedian Beth Stelling Reveals Abusive Relationship, “It’s Not Simple”

"I ask you to have the courage to listen and accept it, because I’m trying."

Comedian Beth Stelling posted a series of photos on Instagram on Monday, revealing the details of a verbally, physically, and sexually abusive relationship she's been in the past year.

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Duggar Sisters, Jill and Jessa, Speak Out About Molestation in TLC Special Counting On

I didn't really watch much of the Duggar family's show, 19 Kids and Counting. However, when it came out that the eldest Duggar brother, Josh, had allegedly molested several underage girls, including his sisters, my heart went out to those girls. Thankfully, Jill and Jessa Duggar are now coming to the fore to speak out about what they've been through in a new TLC special, Counting On.

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