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The Only Christmas Book You Need Is This One About Black Santa and His Husband

What began as a tweet regarding racist backlash at a Black mall Santa is now a delightfully sweet children's book about Santa and his husband.

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There’s a Christmas Version of “Monster Mash,” And It’s All About the Monsters Robbing Santa Claus

In addition to his famous Halloween song, "Monster Mash," singer Bobby "Boris" Pickett also released a Christmas version called "Monster's Holiday."

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Things We Saw Today: Uh Oh, Some Bad News About Santa Claus

I've got some good news/bad news about Santa Claus. The good news: he's real! The bad news: he's dead. Sorry, everybody.

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Santa’s Sleigh Now Pulled by Nightmare Robots; Good Luck Sleeping Christmas Eve

Robots have been laying fairly low this Christmas. None of them have, for example, attacked restaurant-goers under the guise of romance—this year. No, they were waiting until the last moment to sneak up on us, and then BAM! Surprise! It's mechanical nightmare santa!

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Could Mrs. Claus Do Santa’s Job? These Kids Don’t Think So

Any kid who celebrates Christmas knows a lot about Santa Claus, what with asking curious questions about him to adults over the years. Santa Claus is a magical, immortal man who's either a symbol of the spirit of giving or a literal person, depending on the age of the person you ask. But one thing is clear to kids and adults everywhere: Santa Claus is definitely a dude.

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Toronto’s Fashion Santa Has a Heart of Gold, Just Like the Real Santa

Yeah. Real Santa. What?

Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre apparently has its own super fashionable Santa. In a lot of these photos, he's definitely rocking a Doctor Who vibe.

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Doctor Who Recap: “Last Christmas”


In which Doctor Who is several other things nerds like.

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This is The Rock Singing “Here Comes Santa Claus” In a Festive Onesie.

"This is for Hugh jackman!"

I think this is all best viewed with no context.

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Thanos Is Accidentally Santa In This Ridiculous(ly Cute) Video From Marvel

Spider-Man just wants a real Marvel movie.

What do your favorite heroes want for Christmas? Thanks to this wacky new clip from Marvel, you can find out! The best part of this video, besides Thanos in a Santa suit, is Hawkeye just asking for the most ridiculous arrows in the world - including a subtle jab at the Green Arrow. You just got Hawkeye sassed!

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Things We Saw Today: Santaur

Get seven more and you could pull a sleigh full of anthropomorphic reindeer.

From the people who brought you that rubber horse mask the internet loves comes this real, purchasable Christmas ornament.

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How I Am Santa Claus Producer & WWE Legend Mick Foley Feels About The Backlash To The Film’s Gay Santa

The spirit of the season is about love and acceptance.

“I am a guy who used to go out of my way to make people dislike me for a career. But this is what puts people over the edge?” WWE Hardcore Legend Mick Foley (aka “Mankind,” “Dude Love,” and/or “Cactus Jack”) knows a thing or two about creating a character. But when the trailer for I am Santa Claus, in which Mick stars and produces, was released, Mick discovered that having a gay man in a film which celebrates professional Santas was enough to turn the internet on its ear.

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Sony Planning Dark, Viking-Inspired, Santa Origins Movie Winter Knight

Winter Is Coming

And apparently it's also based on L. Frank Baum's The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, which is neither dark nor has Vikings in it. Join me while I try to untangle this knot.

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“Santa Classics” Reimagines Famous Works of Art With Santa Claus Photoshopped In

He knows when you've been sleeping, and he also knows just the perfect lighting with which to capture a landscape.

Artist and photographer Ed Wheeler has always felt that a good number of classic artworks are missing something very crucial -- an appearance by Santa Claus. So he put together a series in which he dresses up as Father Christmas and corrects the imbalance himself, often with humorous results. Check out some examples of his work in this gallery.

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Pretend to Track Santa With Surprising “Accuracy” and Bug Your Friends Thanks to Google’s Santa Tracker

You know... for kids!

It's Christmas Eve, which means "Santa" is "delivering presents" all over the world. *wink* Where's the big man now, and more importantly when's he showing up with your stuff? Google's Santa Tracker will let you know when to expect him, and more silly details.

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Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Sat On Santa’s Lap For Us

It is a gift!

What do you think Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen asked Santa for? A white Christmas? Another year of positive social media press? Sweaters with each other's faces on them? Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Best Buds Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Continue Best Buds With New Best Bud Santa Claus

Best buds!

If you haven't taken a photo for your Christmas cards yet this year, don't bother. Just use this one of Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on Santa's lap, because really, how are you going to top it? The only way this gets better is if we find out it's Chris Hadfield in the Santa suit.

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This Thanksgiving, We’re Thankful for Mystery Science Theater 3,000’s 25th Anniversary Marathon

Watch it in the not-too-distant future, somewhere in time and space. Oh, or on the Internet.

Be super thankful as you watch six classic episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 for free this Thanksgiving thanks to Shout! Factory. In honor of the show's 25 years, Shout! is selling a different MST3K box sets at a discounted price every day in November, and they'll marathon six of the greatest episodes on Thanksgiving Day.

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Pacifists Face Off: Gandi Takes On Martin Luther King Jr. In Epic Rap Battle

When two dead historical figures have a beef with one another, the only way to settle it is through an epic rap battle. Thankfully, there's a whole YouTube channel dedicated to just such resolutions. When we last checked in on the Epic Rap Battles of History channel, we saw Snoop Lion rapping as Moses to settle the score against Santa Claus. Now we have Keegan-Michael Key as Gandhi up against Jordan Peele's Martin Luther King Jr. It does in fact get pretty epic, but it also gets a little NSFW for some language.

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Kid Could Care Less About Santa’s Whereabouts, Would Rather Talk to First Lady


Look, we think Michelle Obama is pretty cool, but if you asked us whose visit any Christmas-celebrating child would have on their mind on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, she wouldn't make the top of our list. The top of our list would be Santa. Not so for Anthony of Fort Worth, Texas. How do we know this? Well, because of the NORAD Santa Tracker, kind of.

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Things We Saw Today: Mr. T as Santa Claus

Things We Saw Today

I pity the fool who doesn't put cookies out for Mr. T. (via Stanley Chow

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