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San Diego Comic-Con

Share the Comics Creator Love With This SDCC Music Video

With "Get Your Comics (On the Floor)," Hyper RPG reminds us how San Diego International Comic-Con first got its start: as a celebration of the work of comics creators.

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The Tick Was Larger Than Life at Comic-Con 2017

This year at San Diego Comic-Con, among the angsty spider-persons and tortured men of steel, a different kind of hero broke on the scene.

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Your Guide to Follow Along With San Diego Comic-Con 2017 From Home

Whether because money for travel and spare time are hard to come by, or because you're not into being stuck in large groups of people (hello friend!), you may want to experience San Diego Comic-Con from the comfort of your own home. You can't quite get the same experience, but there are a few ways you can enjoy all the action without having to leave your fortress of solitude.

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Marvel Studios Reveals What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War

The segment also appears as a special feature on Digital HD.

If you were left feeling curious about what Thor was up to during the battle between Tony and Cap, Marvel Studios has finally released a little glimpse into his activities.

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“Women in Film Production” Panel at SDCC Derailed by Male Con Staffer Who Didn’t Realize He Wasn’t There to Moderate Or, Like, Even Talk

Creator/dean of RocketJump Film School, Lauren Haroutunian, sat on a panel at SDCC called "Women in Film Production," which was moderated by her friend Brittany Sandler, who's led versions of this panel at multiple conventions. Haroutunian saw it as an opportunity to educate and inspire aspiring female filmmakers, and that's exactly what happened. That is, until the male SDCC staffer who was there to facilitate decided to "help" the poor ladies on the panel with his "wisdom."

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Politi-Con: Charting the Politics of San Diego Comic-Con

Politicians, cartoon characters...what's the difference, really?

In these waning weeks of July, devoted supplicants donned colorful regalia, braved massive crowds and endured media scrutiny to pay tribute to gods, monsters, heroes and villains, including a legendary warrior woman with a storied past and a billionaire some fear may bring the end of the world. I’m talking, of course, about the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The rest of us went to Comic-Con.

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J.J. Abrams Leads Moment of Silence For Anton Yelchin at SDCC Star Trek Beyond Premiere

Generally, Comic-Con is a party where all the geek glitterati show up to connect with fans and hawk their wares. But at the Star Trek Beyond premiere event at SDCC Wednesday night, the party atmosphere became a little more solemn as the cast and crew, lead by Executive Producer J.J. Abrams, took the time to remember castmate Anton Yelchin, who lovably played Chekov in both Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, and recently passed away in an unfortunate accident.

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Warner Bros. Reveals New DC Animated Series Justice League Action at SDCC 2016

DC's always at its strongest in the animated realm, as shows like Justice League Unlimited and films like Justice League: The New Frontier prove. So, we've been excited for Justice League Action for a while now. Well, Warner Bros. TV has finally revealed their first footage from the show at the Justice League Action panel at SDCC yesterday, which you can watch after the jump.

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Rick and Morty VR Experience: Explore Rick’s Garage, Maybe Get Rickety-Rickety-Wrecked, Son

The world of Rick and Morty isn't exactly the most, uh... appealing world to be in, I suppose. But if you often find yourself wondering what it'd be like to wander through Rick Sanchez's garage, then you should get yourself on down to San Diego for Adult Swim's "Adult Swim on the Green" event.

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SDCC Pokémon GO Panel Being Moved to Hall H, Because Y’all Are Obsessed

It was only supposed to be one new game in a sea of games. But somehow, Pokémon GO is rivaling Hamilton in cross-demographic, nationwide, mainstream popularity. It's likely that a lot of those Poké-fans will be attending San Diego Comic-Con. So...a room that seats 460 people probably isn't big enough.

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Glorious New Wonder Woman Set Photos Confirm that Gal Gadot is Damn Near Perfect For This

Ever since Gal Gadot's scene-stealing appearance as Diana of Themyscira in Batman v Superman, we've been really excited about the upcoming Wonder Woman film and seeing Gadot's (and director, Patty Jenkins') take on the character fly solo on the big screen. Thanks to the SDCC issue of Entertainment Weekly, we get a new glimpse into the the character in newly-released set photos, as well as more details about the film's plot, and Jenkins' approach.

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James Gunn Says “New Technology” Will Prevent Fans From Taking Video at San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con will be using "new technology" to prevent fans from taking video of the Guardians of the Galaxy presentation. How's that going to work?

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Get Villainous with San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Pin Mate Suicide Squad Set

Put a pin in it.

The Suicide Squad Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 10 - Convention Exclusive from Bif Bang Pow! is the perfect combination of villainous and cute.

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Things We Saw Today: Pixar Cutting Down on Sequels

Sorry, RataTWOuille hopefuls.

Pixar president Jim Morris told Entertainment Weekly in an interview last Friday that the studio is recommitting itself to original movies over sequels, despite the recent box office success of Finding Dory. Aside from the already-scheduled Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2, Pixar's films for the foreseeable future will all be totally original titles.

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The Cutest San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive: Wooden Push Puppet Groot

I am cute.

The wheel of time has spun inexorably onward and we once again find ourselves here, my friends, in San Diego Exclusive season. This year we're starting off with the cutest little wooden push puppet ever—a flexible wooden Groot.

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[UPDATED] Things We Saw Today: Brian Michael Bendis Comic Scarlet May Be Coming to Cinemax

If you've been reading Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's amazing, if not always on-time, comic Scarlet, you already knew something was up. After all, in the most recent issue's letter column Bendis couldn't contain himself and made a not-to-veiled reference to the fact that his revolutionary heroine would be kinda-sorta-maybe appearing on TV sort of, but he couldn't talk about it. Well, he let the cat further out of the bag. The title is currently in early development at Cinemax.

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Mark Hamill To Host Geek Memorabilia Show For Comic-Con’s Streaming Network

There's no set arrival date yet for Pop Culture Quest--it's "coming this fall", no doubt to give Hamill more time to wrap up any lingering commitments to Star Wars: Episode VIII, but it's fun to see Hamill involved in a new project.

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20th Century Fox Pulls Out of This Year’s San Diego Comic-Con

Despite pop culture hurtling toward the future on the wings of the Internet and streaming everything, some studios and producers have their heels dug into the past. In response to San Diego Comic Con deciding to stream some of their panels shortly after they happen, 20th Century Fox has pulled their presentations from Hall H.

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Comic-Con Subscription Service Delivers Con Coverage and Original Content — But is it Worth It?

San Diego Comic-Con is already hell to try and get to. Once you get there, it's often hell to try and participate in as a fan, because you're spending most of your time either in line, or walking from one end of the Convention Center to the other. So, I can see why Official con coverage online would be appealing. SDCC will be trying to meet that interest with a subscription-based VOD channe

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Things We Saw Today: In Leaked Audio, Deadpool Explains Why He’ll Never Host SNL

In spite of the petition circulating amongst fans requesting that Deadpool host Saturday Night Live, it turns out the Merc with a Mouth has an acrimonious history with producer Lorne Michaels--as revealed in this "leaked" audio courtesy of the film's star, Ryan Reynolds.

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