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Things We Saw Today: Iron Gorilla Makes Us Wonder What An All Gorilla Avengers Would Look Like

Things We Saw Today

This Iron Man gorilla is part of an outdoor art exhibition in Norwich,UK, GoGoGorillas, which would be a pretty amazing art exhibit even if it didn’t include our favorite playboy millionair philanthropist, if we’re being honest. (via Laughing Squid)

  • Bella Dovhey is an adorable five year old girl who just happens to be able to beat you at golf (Unless Tiger Woods reads The Mary Sue.  You, sir, are the exception.) (via The Frisky).
  • “Whenever I do a video on sexism, at least one comment will always be congratulating me on how better than Anita Sarkeesian I was…Compared to my characteristically combative videos, Anita’s work is downright restrained.”  Video Game Blogger Jim Sterling talks about how he finally came to terms with perpetuating sexism in video game culture, and how he is trying to change his attitude for the better in an interview at Gaming As Women.
  • The Daily Dot has compiled the best tweets from Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis‘s filibuster yesterday, in case you want to see a politician in a “Kill the Bill” poster, or with dragons.

You can supersize all your meals with this Superman bread.  For the optimal sandwich, slice with heat vision.(via Kitchen Overlord)

  • Panem’s Tributes will be making the rounds at San Diego Comic Con this year, as The Hunger Games is set for a Saturday panel in Hall H.  Lucky Con-goers will get to see new footage from the next film in the saga, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.(via Slash Film)
  • Racialicious breaks down why it sucks sometimes to be a person of color author, complete with charts.
  • Kanye West is still up for making a The Jetsons film.  I have nothing more to write on that.(Via Digital Spy)

Rebelscum has more pictures of this very Metropolis-esque C-3PO McQuarrie Concept SDCC’13 Exclusive from Gentle Giant. (via Slash Film)

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