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Things We Saw Today: Hey, People at SDCC. Buy Us Some Direwolf Plushies.

Things We Saw Today

Yes, but do any of these SDCC-exclusive stuffed direwolves [Game of Thrones season three finale spoiler] have a detachable head? Head to io9 for Factory Entertainment’s three-eyed-crow and dragon egg plushies.

  • The world got you down? Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy are filming a movie together in NYC. Thanks, The Frisky.
  • Wired has a great article on the complicated issue of boycotting Ender’s Game because of Orson Scott Card‘s stance against gay marriage and how said controversy popped up in the film’s SDCC panel.
  • Speaking of SDCC (we won’t be speaking about much else this weekend, let’s be real), The Beat has a run-down of the Gender in Comic Books panel.

Here’s Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki modeling SDCC’s cape bags. (

  • MovieBob has the trailer for the upcoming Idris Elba-starring Nelson Mandela biopic, and they chose a great title to go with it: Stacker Pentecost to be only SECOND Most Badass Idris Elba performance of 2013.
  • Meet Martha Chumo, a nineteen-year-old self-taught programmer from Nairobi who’s crowdfunding her own programming school after she was refused a visa to enter the U.S. and study there. Says Chumo: “Nairobi Developer School will particularly address the great gender imbalance in the technology by encouraging women to participate in the program and offer financial support to those who need it. We will invite women and other minority groups in tech to apply, and the program allows them to thrive.” (The Daily Dot)

And finally, I feel the urgent need to share this terrifying sloth cake (with strawberry disciples—they’re “offering a sacrificial victim to their hungry sloth god”) with you. (by sinooperi on Tumblr, via That’s Nerdalicious)

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