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Only 7 Democratic Candidates Have Qualified for the Next Debates, So Say Farewell to Those Interchangeable White Guys

John Delaney, we hardly knew ye.

So many faceless hubristic white guys running for President, so little time.

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Kamala Harris Owned Everyone’s Butts at the Second Night of Debates

Last night was the second round of the first Democratic debate and we were subjected to ten more candidates' thoughts on a whole range of issues. A lot of people had been referring to the second nights' candidates as the "A team," since it included the majority of the B boys–Biden, Bernie and Buttigieg. But it was Kamala Harris who hands down owned the night.

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What to Know Going Into Tonight’s (and Tomorrow’s) Democratic Debates

The first Democratic primary debates kick off tonight from Miami. As you probably know, the field of candidates is so large (it's been narrowed down to twenty!), the first debates will take place over two nights–tonight and tomorrow. Let's break down some of the details you need to know if you're planning to watch.

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This Chart Displays All the Insults Tweeted at Megyn Kelly From Donald Trump’s Supporters

Donald Trump's supporters have spent the past 24 hours railing against Megyn Kelly on Twitter. She still isn't planning to step down as moderator for tomorrow night's GOP debate.

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Big Bird Reacts To Last Night’s Presidential Debate (Really)

And All Was Right With the World

Did you watch the Presidential debates last night? If so, you heard candidate Mitt Romney talk about cutting the government's funding of PBS (all 0.01% of it). As if that wasn't awkward enough, considering the debate was being moderated by long-time PBS journalist Jim Lehrer, Romney also name checked Big Bird. And it was the "OH SNAP!" heard around the world. Twitter saw a huge rise in "Big Bird" tweets seconds later and continuing on through the night with mostly everyone coming to the yellow fowl's defense. But today, something even more amazing happened. Big Bird responded, in his own Big Bird way, from the Sesame Street twitter account. Sesame Workshop, the group behind Sesame Street, also had something to say...

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Candy Crowley Will Be the First Female Presidential Moderator in 20 Years

We told you a while ago about three rather impressive teenage girls who were petitioning the Commission on Presidential Debates for the commission to appoint a female moderator to the presidential debates. When we last checked in on them, the trio weren't doing so well; the office of the commission wouldn't see them. News came out today, however, that either someone was listening or they'd had their own plans all along: The first female presidential moderator in 20 years has been named for this election season; another will moderate the vice-presidential debate. So let's congratulate them.

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Three Teenagers Petition for a Female Moderator of Presidential Debate

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A woman hasn't run a presidential debate in twenty years. When three high school girls from New Jersey heard about this in their civics class, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Emma Axelrod, Sammi Siegel and Elena Tsemberis have spent their summer collecting 170,000 signatures on a petition to have one of this year's presidential debates moderated by a woman. But will Capitol Hill listen to them? 

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