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VR Groping: Yet Another Way in Which Gaming Spaces Are Made Unsafe for Women

So, we already knew that playing any video game in multiplayer mode is tricky for a woman. After all, the "trash talking" becomes decidedly gendered when male players hear a female voice on their headsets. Well, guess what? Thanks to virtual reality games, we can add groping to the list of harassing behavior women can experience while gaming. But, it's not real, I hear you say. How can someone be groped in VR? Oh, they can.

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Twitter’s Inability to Stop Harassment Convinced Disney Not to Buy Them

Ohhh, Twitter. If only you could fix that pesky harassment problem.

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Canadian Newspaper Uses Front Page To Speak Out Against Harassment of Female Reporter

"This is not OK!"

While the level of awareness surrounding the issue has definitely been raised as a result, it also hasn't changed the underlying problems either. It's fortunate that newspapers such as the Telegram are willing to shed more light on the problem--and in their words, to remind everyone that online harassment is not okay.

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Twitter Determined to Win Us All Over By Banning 235,000 “Extremist” Users & Giving That “Quality Filter” to Everyone

Pigs have mastered the art of flight, the depths of Hell have cooled down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and Twitter has finally addressed some of the basic concerns that their users have been raising for years.

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Leslie Jones Tweets #LOVE4GABBYUSA In Support of Olympian Gabby Douglas

The hashtag that Jones started, #LOVE4GABBYUSA, takes inspiration from the hashtag #LoveForLeslieJ, which began trending in support of the actress.

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Steven Universe Artist Deletes Twitter Account After Experiencing Harassment From Fans

It's not the first instance of harassment within the fandom.

Following the news of Zuke's leaving Twitter, other creators have taken to Twitter to re-assess whether it's even worth it for them to be accessible via social media or if they should step away--and honestly, it would be tough to fault them for that. Zuke's harassment is an unfortunate result of the ugliness of fandom--and a reminder that everyone we tweet at on the internet is a person, a human being, on the other side.

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Twitter Caught Up in “Censorship” Debate Again Over Moderating President Obama’s Live Q&A

During President Obama's live Twitter Q&A in May of 2015, then-CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo ordered employees to deploy an algorithm designed to filter out abusive and harassing replies. But... what about free speech???

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Since 2014, Online Harassment Has Gotten More Media Attention … But It Hasn’t Actually Decreased

Craig Newmark, founder of Craiglist, understandably cares a lot about online safety. So, he spearheaded a survey to document whether online harassment has decreased since 2014. Turns out? It... hasn't.

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William Shatner Versus the Outlander Fandom

A lesson in toxic fandom and imbalance of power.

After months upon months of Twitter backlash and fighting on both sides, many Outlander fans are accusing William Shatner of bullying them into silence. But what's really going on here?

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Instagram Updates Its Anti-Harassment Tools—But Only for “High-Profile Accounts” (So Far, Anyway)

Instagram recently implemented some methods for curtailing online abuse in comment threads on posts. So far, though, the methods are only available to business pages and "high-profile accounts."

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Yahoo’s Abuse-Detecting Algorithm Works 90% of the Time & It’s A “Major Step Forward” in Its Field

Yahoo's new abuse-detecting algorithm, developed based on patterns found in their own comments sections on news articles, works 90 percent of the time.

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Dan Aykroyd Unloads on Haters Who Harassed Leslie Jones Off of Twitter

Dan Aykroyd had more than a few words for some of those terrible people who harassed Leslie Jones on Twitter the other night.

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Milo Yiannopoulos Permanently Banned From Twitter After Racist Harassment Inflicted on Leslie Jones

Yesterday, I wrote about the racist and sexist harassment inflicted on Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones, which was both participated in and encouraged by self-proclaimed "most fabulous supervillain on the internet" Milo Yiannopoulos. Now Twitter, after being called upon not only by Jones, but by fans and other victims of online abuse through their platform, has finally permanently banned Yiannopoulos, shutting down his account for good.

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Leslie Jones Singled Out for Racist Abuse on Twitter Over Ghostbusters

This shouldn't happen to anyone, ever. Certainly not over daring to star in the film reboot of a beloved franchise, but yesterday was the culmination of several weeks of racist abuse heaped on Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones for busting ghosts while black.

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Feminism Around the World: Female Brazilian Comics Writer the Target of Online Abuse

Welcome to Feminism Around the World, a new weekly feature here at TMS where we’ll focus on women’s lives and feminist concerns…around the world. This week, Brazilian comics writer Petra Leão endures sexist online harassment for a comics panel taken out of context.

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Australian Man Faces Up to 3 Years in Jail For Facebook Harassment

"This case will be the first of its kind and will represent a landmark victory for opponents of online harassment."

Last October, an Australian man got taken to court for a series of harassing Facebook comments; the posts concerned a woman that he did not know, and were written in mockery of a screenshot of her Tinder dating profile. Today, he pled guilty to having sent the threats, and now he faces up to three years of jail time.

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Michelle Ferrier’s TrollBusters Gives Women Writers “Pest Control” For Online Harassment

Michelle Ferrier, former journalist and now the associate dean at Ohio University, has an answer for women writers who are getting harassed online. When you ask yourself who you're gonna call, now you can tell yourself: TrollBusters!

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Twitter Updates Their Harassment Reporting Tool, Allowing Users to Submit Multiple Tweets For Review

Today, Twitter announced a change to their harassment reporting system; they'll soon roll out the means for users to link to multiple tweets from a user within the same report. As with many of Twitter's changes lately, it doesn't go far enough, and it feels too-little-too-late.

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Men Read Horrifying Comments Written About Female Sportswriters Right to Their Face

"I hope your boyfriend beats you."

Just Not Sports, a podcast dedicated to talking with athletes about anything besides sports, has recorded a particularly sobering PSA regarding the disgusting comments directed at female sportswriters.

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This Analysis of 70 Million Comments Proves White Male Journalists Have It Pretty Good, Comparatively

Internet comments are bad for everyone, right? Sure, but marginalized writers tend to accrue a higher volume of abuse in the comment sections of their articles. Here's the data on that.

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