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Tom Hardy Is “Not Remotely Ashamed” About His Old Myspace Photos, Nor Should He Be

Tom Hardy's old MySpace page, from its underwear photos to its glorious "About Me" section, gave us all a serious case of hearts-in-eyes syndrome when it first made the rounds, but no one knew how Hardy felt about the memeification of his former profile ... until now.

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We Memed the Best of Tom Hardy’s MySpace Profile

Actor Tom Hardy's MySpace page perfectly encapsulates the social network. While others are sharing his amazingly posed photos, we thought we'd have a little fun with his prolific "about me" section instead.

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What We Should Have Learned From Jurassic Park

The Internet is Jurassic Park IRL.

The Internet community is the Jurassic Park of our society. Both manmade inventions which began as really cool theories executed with enthusiasm and precision, and they were complete disasters from the start.

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Time Travel to the Internet of Your Youth With 6 Classic Websites That Somehow Still Exist

The Lost Internet: Something has survived.

Friends, the Internet is forever. Lest everyone forget that one, simple tenet we live our digital lives by, we've compiled a list for you of some of the best vintage websites that you can actually still browse. Sure, you can find lots of old nostalgic sites on the web archive, but these relics actually still exist in the wild.

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New Myspace Already Having Legal Problems

Less than a week after going public, Myspace -- a website launched to help Justin Timberlake sell an album -- is already facing its first copyright issues. While the relaunch is focused largely on music, with licensing deals for over 50 million songs, it hasn't stopped them from allegedly using music from smaller labels without permission. The Merlin Network claims Myspace features content from its clients without permission.

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Time To Update That Bathroom Mirror Self Portrait: Rebooted MySpace Is Open To The Public

Hey, everyone, remember MySpace? No? That's OK, neither do we really. Kidding, kidding -- it was like a bus service or something, right? You know what? It doesn't matter, because everything you thought you knew about MySpace is about to change. The long-lost social networking platform released its redesigned site into the wild this week, buoyed (we guess?) by the new single from former teen heartthrob and current MySpace stockholder Justin Timberlake, seen above doing the best Morrissey impression he can muster. Because if there is one thing that is going to get us to offer up all of our personal data again to a social network we haven't thought about in years, it is a Justin Timberlake single.

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Myspace & Justin Timberlake Try To Become Relevant Again With Social Network Relaunch

In Which We Don't Make An Obvious Pun

Have you thought about Myspace lately? If I were a betting kind of gal, I'd say probably just as much as you've though Justin Timberlake's music career. Did you know, the musician/actor who starred in a film based on the creation of Facebook is trying to make Myspace popular again? This should be fun to watch. 

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Myspace Picks Up 1 Million Users in 30 Days, Somehow

You thought Myspace was dead, right? No such luck. In fact, Myspace recently announced that in the past thirty days, it's put on a bit of weight, so to speak; Myspace has gotten an extra 1 million users. What? How? Why? Well, it's not Myspace that brought in all those users, exactly. The increase is largely attributed to new functionality that makes it easier for Myspace to interface with Twitter and Facebook. Basically, two of the social networks that had a hand in "killing" Myspace, are now dragging it back from the grave.

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Anonymous to Take Down Myspace, Friendster [Video]

In this completely legitimate and not in the least bit sketchy video, Anonymous has announced that on December 21, 2012, they will be taking our most precious social networks, Myspace and Friendster, to name but two. This video was released today by Anonymous himself, who appears to actually be YouTube user JeffKallaus. Guys, this totally has a picture of the Anonymous question mark guy, text-to-speech synthesis, and like, it's on YouTube. Let's all take this incredibly, incredibly seriously and start freaking out. My Friendster, man, how am I supposed to get by without my Friendster?!

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Report: Myspace to be Sold to Specific Media for Only $35 Million [Updated]

We knew the fallen social network Myspace was being shopped around on the cheap, but back then, News Corp. was looking for a $100 million offer -- still much cheaper than the initial purchase price of $580 million. Now, however, AllThingsD is reporting that the fallen social network has even further to fall, and is being acquired by ad-targeting firm Specific Media for the (comparatively) paltry sum of $35 million. AllThingsD claims sources say the deal should be closed today, and News Corp. will keep a very small stake in the company, around less than five percent. The deal supposedly includes cutting half of Myspace's staff of 400, and it is speculated that Myspace's higher-up staff, such as CEO Mike Jones, will only remain for an interim period. Remember when Myspace was the king of social networks and people used "Myspace me" just like they use "Facebook me" now? One can only wonder if Facbeook will eventually suffer the same fate. UPDATE: CEO Mike Jones reportedly sent out an email to employees confirmed the sale of Myspace to Specific Media. Head on past the break to see the email, which also states that Jones is leaving the company.

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Report: MySpace Being Shopped on the Cheap

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that bids to purchase the once-mighty MySpace from News Corp could begin next week. The rumored sell-off could come at an asking price of $100 million, a far cry from the $580 million that News Corp shelled out in 2005 when they bought the social networking site. Of course, a lot has changed since 2005, namely the rapid rise, expansion, and ubiquity of Facebook. Once the poster-child for the then-embryonic web 2.0, MySpace has seen declining membership and, more recently, massive staff reductions. Though MySpace has enjoyed some success by re-inventing itself as a music and entertainment hub, it hasn't been able to recapture the site's early momentum. By comparison, the Daily Register reports that in January Facebook was valued at around $50 billion. (WSJ via Yahoo News via Slashdot, U.K. Register)

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MySpace Lays Off Nearly Half Its Staff

It's been confirmed: MySpace has laid off almost 500 of its employees in an attempt to "provide the company with a clear path for sustained growth and profitability." This comes after a major redesign, rebranding, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg being named Time's Person of the Year. In November, MySpace actually started integrating posting with Facebook, signaling an acknowledgement that some of its users were making a transition in their social networking preferences. So, is MySpace going the way of Friendster? Maybe, if Friendster had ceased to exist, which it hasn't. It's just a "social gaming site" now. (TechCrunch)

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MySpace Announces Mashup with Facebook

MySpace is presently announcing Mashup with Facebook, a platform-syncing program that lets MySpace users port their data from Facebook, with a focus on entertainment. Sifting through MySpace's announcement (below), a few key details emerge. Perhaps the most readily apparent aspect of the program is that the Facebook "Like" button will appear on every page of the site "to give users an easy way to share their entertainment interests with their friends on Facebook." Moreover, while MySpace already allows some synchronization with Facebook Connect, Mashup takes this to the next level, thanks to "algorithms that help enable the discovery, expression, and connection to entertainment content," which are plugged into all of that incoming data from Facebook to create a thorougher map of MySpace users' interests. According to AllFacebook's Nick O'Neill, MySpace CEO Mike Jones addressed bloggy charges that the mashup signaled a "surrender" to Facebook's growing influence; rather, Jones "emphasized that this is part of the company’s new focus on 'social entertainment.'" There's no question that Facebook, with more than five times as many users as MySpace, has won at the game of becoming the social network for day-to-day life; however, MySpace still has 95 million unique visitors per month. By comparison cool kids' darling Tumblr had 6 million unique visitors last month. In leveraging that userbase and doubling down on its strength in entertainment, MySpace may have hit upon its best possible strategy for fighting its decline, and while we haven't test-run the Mashup integration, it certainly looks slick, and could well prove a smart tactic.

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Exec: MySpace Has to Turn Around in “Quarters, not Years”

Remember MySpace? It was that thing that was big before Facebook was big. It had all those wacky custom mouse cursor sets and everyone's page had a bunch of music videos they liked and you hated? No? Well, it existed, and believe it or not, was once the be-all end-all of social networking. Aside from fading into relative obscurity once Facebook hit the scene, the biggest problem currently facing MySpace is a threat from News Corp.--who bought MySpace in 2005--saying that MySpace's business better be fixed soon.

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Geekolinks: 10/9

Ping: Apple’s New Social Network for Music

Say hello to Ping, Apple's new social network for music built right into iTunes 10.

Somewhat curiously placed under the Store category in iTunes 10, rather than having a category of its own, lies Ping, Apple's own hat thrown into the social network ring. Dubbed a "social network for music," Ping aims to take standard social networking features and combine them with iTunes purchases and a music-centric theme.

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7 Rules For Parodying The Social Network’s Trailer

By now, the stirring trailer for "that Facebook movie" has burrowed itself deeply into the public consciousness. Though David Fincher's upcoming film The Social Network isn't released until October 1, well over 10,000 smug web users have already liked its fan page on Facebook, no doubt amused by the meta involved. It's a testament to how effective the film's marketing push has been (though by now we've learned to be cautious!). Ever since, faux trailers about the rise of other successful web platforms have cropped up on the Internet. We've already showed you the YouTube parody, The Video Website. MySpace and, most recently, Twitter and eBay have also received the treatment. To help you along, we've published a guide to deconstructing The Social Network's trailer, so that any budding filmmaker can create their own spoof.

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A Map of the Social Internet in 2010

If you've got every xkcd comic etched forever into your mind, you may remember a 2007 "map of online communities and related points of interest." It's a little outdated to look at now (MySpace is practically the size of China!), which is why social media marketing company Flowtown put together an updated map for 2010.

We have a few beefs with it -- the biggest is probably that the original's Ocean of Subculture is wiped out, meaning large social news sites like Digg, Reddit, Fark and such are absent representation while the likes of Foursquare and Imeem get seats at the table, but it's well-researched and witty, with lots of little jokes interspersed throughout. A few we like: The former kingdom of MySpace; the thin line between dating sites and porn sites; the cape of Hitler Downfall remake videos. Full map below:

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Microsoft’s New Kin Phones: What You Need To Know

Well, Microsoft did tell us they were going to tell us something today. And now they've told us. It was not, as some had speculated, the near-mythological Microsoft Courier, a tablet computer. Instead it was a new line of phones, oriented at the person who is deeply, deeply into social networking. Says The Next Web:
Microsoft are quick to point out that this is a completely different offering from Windows Phone 7. Instead of being a smartphone with hundreds of different applications at your disposal, the Kin One and Kin Two exist to keep you in constant contact with friends whilst your on the move, sharing photos, videos and status updates on the go without an app store in sight.

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