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Time To Update That Bathroom Mirror Self Portrait: Rebooted MySpace Is Open To The Public

Hey, everyone, remember MySpace? No? That’s OK, neither do we really. Kidding, kidding — it was like a bus service or something, right? You know what? It doesn’t matter, because everything you thought you knew about MySpace is about to change. The long-lost social networking platform released its redesigned site into the wild this week, buoyed (we guess?) by the new single from former teen heartthrob and current MySpace stockholder Justin Timberlake, seen above doing the best Morrissey impression he can muster. Because if there is one thing that is going to get us to offer up all of our personal data again to a social network we haven’t thought about in years, it is a Justin Timberlake single.

The redesigned MySpace has been in beta tests and invite-only training wheels sessions, but now anyone can return to the welcoming, neon arms of MySpace, probably to be hugged by a Blingee. If you’re into that sort of thing.

While the jury is out on whether MySpace’s triumphant return will actually be all that triumphant, it’s also unclear whether this is really a return in the strictest sense. After all, just because you haven’t looked at it since 2006 doesn’t mean that MySpace stopped existing — it just became hilariously irrelevant as Facebook and Twitter took the reins of social media dominance. This new MySpace isn’t yet replacing the old service that you know and love (and by “know and love,” we of course mean “probably still have a profile on”) and will keep the lights on at Classic MySpace for the foreseeable future.

I’ve gotta ask — is anyone out there actually planning on getting back on MySpace? I see myself taking a quick test drive and kicking the tires, but I think I’m like most people in being a little less than enamored with the social networks I’m using right now, but not enough so to build a new one entirely. Getting another profile to maintain just doesn’t hold a lot of charm for me right now. Then again, I may just be subconsciously holding out for the return of Friendster, which we can now anticipate being accompanied by a new Lance Bass track, I guess.

(via TheNextWeb, image via MySpace)

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