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Myspace Picks Up 1 Million Users in 30 Days, Somehow

You thought Myspace was dead, right? No such luck. In fact, Myspace recently announced that in the past thirty days, it’s put on a bit of weight, so to speak; Myspace has gotten an extra 1 million users. What? How? Why? Well, it’s not Myspace that brought in all those users, exactly. The increase is largely attributed to new functionality that makes it easier for Myspace to interface with Twitter and Facebook. Basically, two of the social networks that had a hand in “killing” Myspace, are now dragging it back from the grave.

The increased integration with more (currently) successful social networks definitely helps, but there’s another factor at play as well. Even after Myspace started dropping off in popularity for individuals, it still made itself useful for bands. It recently rolled out a new music player which could be a huge part of its renewed success. The new player even allows Facebook users to join up right through Facebook by using an app that’s jumped from 900,000 users to 1.6 million in just 30 days.

Myspace also claims to have a truly staggering amount of music. Tim Vanderhook, the site’s chief executive says, that Myspace has over 42 million songs, which blows away the 15 million that Spotify can claim (in the U.S., anyways). That’s an impressive number, but considering that I used to upload music on Myspace, I have to wonder how high the quality of most of those tunes is. Nonetheless, Myspace seems to be climbing uphill.

“Consumers are getting excited about Myspace again” Vanderhook told The Guardian, and while that claim makes me snicker, I think it probably is fair to say that at least people are saying “Myspace” again, and not necessarily just in the context of making a joke about the aughts.

(via The Guardian)

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