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Text-Based and MMO Flappy Bird Are Better Than All the Crappy Knockoffs

Yer a bird. Flap. Don't Flap.

Flappy Bird's removal from the app store has propelled it even more solidly into cultural phenomenon status, which has caused a lot of silly knockoffs that are quickly growing redundant. Some have taken it upon themselves to turn the original game into an MMO and an old school text-based game, and they're kid of more fun than the original.

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Largest Ever EVE Online MMO Battle Breaks out Over Unpaid Virtual Space-Rent

Space is dangerous. On Earth, I just get angry phone calls when I forget my rent.

Outer space is dangerous—even in video games. A record breaking player vs. player war broke out in the game EVE Online yesterday, because someone forgot to pay rent on their space station. Yeah, well, some of us can't even afford a space station to fight over, especially when it reportedly costs the equivalent of $300,000 in battle damage.

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This Bomberman MMO Is Not Going To Let You Get Any Work Done Today

What would you rather do today -- whatever boring thing you're supposed to do at work, or play Bomberman online with 1,000 people? Before you answer, I should point out that there is only one correct answer to that question, and it is "Play Bomberman, duh!" that being the case, you should probably go check out Bombermine, an HTML 5 version of the classic game that lets you blow up -- or if you're me, get blown up by -- up to a thousand Bomber-colleagues sharing the biggest Bomberman board you've ever seen.

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xkcd Comic “Click and Drag” Turned Into an MMO

The other day, web comic genius Randall Munroe of xkcd unleashed a comic that was a different sort of amazing from his usual dose of amazing. Called "Click and Drag," the comic was able to be explored manually using the titular action of clicking and dragging, and hid many jokes, fun references, and emotional moments. The Internet quickly took to the comic, creating various maps and methods of interaction, so users could more freely explore and see everything Munroe shoved into the enormous, sliding panel. Now, with the help of GitHub user n01se, "Click and Drag" has been turned into an MMO.

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Fans Create Pokémon MMO Because Nintendo Refuses To

Nintendo has always stuck by the notion that they'd never make a Pokémon MMO, and judging by all of the amount of available Pokémon MMOs, we find that Nintendo sure is good at sticking by notions. Because of this notion, some fans took matters into their own hands, and heavily modded the Game Boy Advance Pokémon Fire Red into a PC MMO.

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Doctor Who: Worlds of Time Free-To-Play MMO Will EXTERMINATE Your Leisure Time

The BBC and developer Three Rings, who are best known for the oddly fun Puzzle Pirates, have teamed up like a Time Lord and a man of the 51st century and announced they'll be developing a free-to-play MMO based on Doctor Who, currently titled Doctor Who: Worlds of Time. Three Rings promises to divulge more details next week at GDC 2011, though the rest of us already know the details since we hopped in our fake police boxes and time traveled to the conference to get the details. No, none of us time traveled to the release date and played the game, because we all enjoy anxiously waiting in anticipation rather than playing actual games. From the press release:

"The game allows players to enter the TARDIS and be set a challenge by the mysterious Time Lord to help him defend civilized culture against infamous Doctor Who enemies."

Apparently, the Doctor will be getting even less discriminating with the way he chooses companions, i.e. anyone who signs up for a game account.

(via Joystiq)

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For the Horde (of Obsessed Children): SpongeBob MMO In Development

It appears that yet another random franchise is getting an MMO game. This time, it's SpongeBob SquarePants. MTV Asia and GigaMedia are teaming up to develop and publish the game, which will launch in 2011 for gamers in China, Korea, India, Japan, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. The game will be free to play, but don't worry, it'll still sap your money with an online store from which you can buy all sorts of unnecessary accessories. It's a shame this isn't coming to (and from) the United States, because it might just be the boost our economy needs.

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Evony Promises Less Skanky Ads – We’ll Believe It When We See It

If you spend much time on the internet, you've probably seen them. The ads for the free-t0-play strategy MMO Evony that, instead of featuring, you know, gameplay or review quotes, feature boobs. And more boobs. I know I'm not the only one who first assumed that it was some kind of fantasy themed sex game, porn site, or social network.

Well, Evony has apparently volunteered to clean up its own act. In a statement to Gamasutra, they said:

Moving forward – based on community feedback as well as an in-depth look at advertising effectiveness – we are employing an ad campaign that focuses on the gameplay and features of Evony: Age II.

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World of Warcraft Nets Tens of Millions of Dollars by Selling … Glittery Sparkle Ponies?

Finally marrying MMO-related obsessiveness to infantile consumer taste, Blizzard is now making millions selling World of Warcraft players...shimmering space ponies?

Has online gaming's biggest player finally turned itself into Farmville?

Blizzard has long been in the practice of selling "pets," which are ornamental creatures that follow players around the gameworld. But the Celestial Steed is the first "mount" (read: ridable animal friend!) which must be acquired through grubby lucre rather than honest-to-god in-game effort.

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