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Fans Create Pokémon MMO Because Nintendo Refuses To

Nintendo has always stuck by the notion that they’d never make a Pokémon MMO, and judging by all of the amount of available Pokémon MMOs, we find that Nintendo sure is good at sticking by notions. Because of this notion, some fans took matters into their own hands, and heavily modded the Game Boy Advance Pokémon Fire Red into a PC MMO.

Being a mod, the game is free to play, and sans cash shop. Appropriately dubbed PokeMMO, the game not only allows players to multiplay through the entire vanilla game together, but includes standard MMO practices, such as friends lists, party creation, chat, and tournament battles. Along with those features, PokeMMO also sports controls designed for a PC with a mouse, as well as an improved inventory system.

Longtime fans of the series will note that Nintendo remains stubborn (as always) to bring a full entry of the series to anything other than a handheld console, as well as refuses to offer any kind of legitimate online gameplay. So, it’s nice to see fans bringing at least a partial dream of most Pokémon fans to fruition.

PokeMMO is still in its alpha stage, but you can already connect and use basic features of the surprisingly populated game. Check out a video of PokeMMO in action below:

(via Eurogamer)

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